Building company fundraising into CSR

I am quite literally blown away by the success of our latest company fundraising effort for our chosen charity Blackburn Youth Zone which resulted in over £12,320 being raised for their important work.

The fundraiser, now in its second year, is a local business quiz where organisations come together to compete for the title of ‘Brainiest Business in Lancashire’. This year saw more support than ever when 51 teams of four, representing 40 companies across East Lancashire chose to spend a Thursday evening at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel to compete for the coveted title of what we have christened “Quiz Quest”.

Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our employees, clients and the charity, I am compelled to share an analysis of the experience in three words… Connection, Collaboration and Competition.

Running an event as simple as a quiz has achieved;

1) Greater connectivity with the community

2) Healthy collaboration our between staff which ticks over to working better together for our business

3) Playful competition which strengthens relationships and leaves everyone feeling fantastic.


Connection – fundraising helps reach more people

There are opportunities for all of us to reach out and connect every day, and the quiz gives Cummins Mellor a means of engaging with local companies to come together around a common goal. There’s no denying that charities depend on fundraisers for the money they so desperately need to continue the vital work they do. Donations are their lifeblood, and Blackburn Youth Zone is no different.

Connecting over 200 people by competing together in a quiz is a sure way of everyone feeling they are achieving something great together. It raises the profile of the charity, creates ambassadors for getting the message out, whilst inspiring other people to get involved too.

 Collaboration – fundraising drives employee engagement

Inclusiveness around company fundraising is an essential part of our employee’s engagement by what they can contribute individually and as a collective. Everyone can offer something; it may be the design of the event logo, the social media posts to market the event, the selling of tables or the chance to determine how the scores will be collated and presented on the night.

Teamwork is strengthened, and there’s no denying our company fundraising strategy not only increases employee community engagement but also provides a positive insight to new employees looking to join us. They see we are giving back and want to be part of a company who does so.


Competition – fundraising strengthens relationships, builds stronger communities and can set you apart

Building fundraising into our CSR strategy is an important feature as we strive to create long-term sustainability for the future of our business and community.

Our managers and employees have begun to understand how economic growth links to the environmental and social wellbeing of where we live and work. We, therefore, choose to focus on the fact that any positive actions first and foremost benefit the communities in which we live.

Whenever possible, we aim to buy and source products and services locally and employing local people. OUR CSR activity strengthens relationships within our business and community. A direct result is the ability to see the very real impact we are making first hand and with our own eyes.


Amy signatureBringing people together around a common purpose while creating a playful rivalry is a great example of how you can make a big difference to the people in your community. Aside from the social benefits, it can also set you apart from the competition. Win/win.

The next Quiz Quest 18 will take place on Thursday November 15th 2018, to book your place contact Amy Hutcheson on 01254 239363 or email [email protected]