Psychometric Profiling

In a time where human capital is everything in business, it is more important than ever for managers and their teams to possess a sound understanding of themselves and one another.

We’ll give you access to a toolkit of assessments that can help you explore the behaviours of current or prospective employees…

Personality Profiling

The Personality Assessment gives a better understanding of work personality, likely strengths and weaknesses, an indication of learning styles and attitudes, as well as how an individual may respond when placed under pressure. Hiring Managers can use these results to enhance recruitment decisions by getting an insight into how this person is likely to integrate with an existing team dynamic and react in certain situations, i.e. sales or high-pressured environment.

Sales Profiling

The Sales Assessment gives a good indication of the potential hire’s desire to sell. Whether individuals have an aptitude for working in sales and how likely they are to empathise with clients, an invaluable skill in successful sales and negotiation. It also gives a strong indication to how much the individual understands the sales process – thereby identifying if sales training would be required.

Team Dynamics Sessions

After carrying out psychometric and/or sales assessments for your chosen team members, some employers also like us to conduct a Team Dynamics session.

We create the session to suit your company, department or team objectives and tailor to the individuals involved.

Team dynamics sessions are ideal for:

  • Any new or relatively new team at the formation stage
  • Existing teams that need additional support to make their internal cooperation more effective
  • A team at the beginning of a new project to help achieve a goal


Your team will leave the session with a clear understanding of themselves and their colleagues as well as a toolkit of resources to refer to back to after the training.

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Supporting Services

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