Why Would Lancashire’s Top Talent Work For You?

4 years ago


The talent pool is becoming increasingly more demanding with their expectations of employers. We are in an age where candidate demand is at an all-time high and as a result, the candidates are in a powerful position.

Expectant applicants are now focused on landing themselves opportunities that will provide them with the full package, not just a salary but career progression, great
company culture, a fantastic working environment, a vibrant team, rewards and benefits – the lot!

When preparing candidates for interview I always encourage them to ask plenty of questions to get a real understanding of what a role can offer them. One that I always suggest they ask is along the lines of ‘What is great about working here?’ – You’d be astounded at some of the lacklustre responses.

There are currently around two jobs for every person and we know that right now 40% of employers are experiencing difficulties filling roles. In fact, over a third of employers confirm recruiting and retaining highly skilled employees as their top concern- these stats are at the highest level since 2007 and are growing year on year.


We’re in a candidate-led market where people want more than just a job and a salary – they want a career!

One thing I love about my job is going out and visiting Lancashire businesses and finding out what makes them a great place to work and what they can offer local talent.  It never fails to amaze me what superb opportunities there are right here on our doorstep. From intimate, boutique-style offices to large open plan expanses of international firms there are an array of enticing environments available to our local talent. 

Having spent time in the businesses I represent, I am able to give my candidates comprehensive advice on workplace culture, the working environment and of course what the people are like. It’s my role to sell the opportunities available for my candidates – it’s no longer about salary and a free parking space.


Some of my best organisations often pride themselves on areas of similar focus, some of which I would like to share with you:

Core Values: Share what you stand for with current and prospective employees. Having a clear, collective way of working and defining things that you stand for means a great deal to people. Morals and ethics are a great way of aligning team members and keeping a collective focus. I love seeing values displayed in offices; not just in the boardroom but around the working environments. They should be something that everyone lives and breathes, not just something written in your staff handbook.

Clear Vision & Objectives: Having clear direction and goals for your business is hugely enticing for people. The talent pool have their own progression in mind and want to feel like they can align themselves with a company who demonstrate a clear path for their growth.

Nailing the Onboarding Process: This is your chance to make them stick! A thorough induction shows that you’re investing time in your people in the early stages of their career with you and sets the scene for the rest of their employment. Individuals want to see that you’re committed to developing their career, giving them time to learn your processes and constantly reviewing how they’re feeling and progressing.

Training & Personal Progression: Painting a clear picture of the opportunities available to your staff is a huge bonus for people. Knowing that you’re committed to developing them personally and enhancing their skills can be pivotal when harnessing ambitious, driven talent to your organisation.

Support and Feedback: Organisations with a strong support network and an open feedback culture are hugely sought after.  Individuals want to feel that they have a clear outlet for their thoughts and feelings and transparency is particularly important for candidates to feel secure in their role.

Flexibility: Part time hours and flexible working arrangements are the future! Joking aside, we’re in the digital age, our teams have their phones and iPads glued to their hips. Our staff have 24/7 access to their work emails and calendars; does it really matter if they need to start an hour later one day or work from home? We are now blessed with the opportunity for our teams to work more fluidly between the office and home – embrace it. 

Celebrations, Reward & Recognition: Mini awards, birthday celebrations, monthly drinks, team lunches and team building exercises are little things that can make a big difference in creating positive working environments. When employees feel that work becomes personal and friendships are formed, productivity can rocket! 

Benefits: I see all sorts of benefits on my travels such as workplace fruit, free or discounted gym membership or a day off on your birthday – grand gestures may not be necessary. Little ‘perks’ can be enough to keep even the fussiest of team members on side.

Workspace: You don’t need to have thousands of square feet to play with to have a great work environment. In fact, some of the nicer offices I go to have a homely more intimate feel. It’s important to remember that during the working week, most of our teams spend more time in our buildings than they do in their own home. Its needs to be a nice place to work to attract and retain great people. People respond the environments that they are in; make yours the best it can be.

All that said, for most of my clients, candidates, friends and me for that matter, it is the people we work with that makes us come to work every day! Never miss an opportunity to let your teams do the talking when it comes to enforcing why your company is a great place to work. All the answers to how you can set your business apart are usually with the people that are already under your roof.

Looking for more tips and advice when recruiting top talent for your business? Call or email me.

Amy Hutcheson

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