Promoting mental wellbeing in your workplace

Poor mental health is the main cause of absenteeism and lost productivity in the workplace, costing in excess of £30 billion per year to the UK economy.

Despite the evidence and statistics, many businesses are still in the dark about the impact of mental health and the effects it can have on both employees and those coming into contact with your business.

It’s more important than ever to ensure that we attain the very best awareness of workplace wellbeing and can spot the signs to be able to support your colleagues, family members, friends and vulnerable people within our society.

As business owners and leaders we have a duty of care to look after the health & wellbeing of all our employees both physically and physiologically and as a business, we think it is key to become even more resilient with happy and engaged staff.


What areas do we need to consider when reviewing the wellbeing of our teams?


The 5 Pillars of Mental Wellbeing:


  1. CONNECT – promote social bonding with others

What activities do you undertake within your business that allow your teams to come together and socialise? Whilst extra-curricular social activities are important, it’s also worth considering the power of having communal, social spaces in the office.


  1. BE ACTIVE  – encourage physical exercise of any kind

Many larger organisations offer subsidised gym memberships for their employees. I appreciate this isn’t in everyone’s budget so why not think about having taster sessions to fitness classes right there in your office? Or how about offering the odd boot camp sessions to your teams?


  1. TAKE NOTICE – focus on the here-and-now

Growing businesses are often in a rush – a rush to grow, to move forward, to progress. It’s important for your employees to be able to take time to reflect on the here and now; allow them to stay in the moment and relish in their current success. Celebrate wins as they happen – not just in month-end meetings.


  1. KEEP LEARNING – explore something new, set challenges

A pivotal factor in any organisation’s employee strategy is often their ongoing training and personal development. Make every day a school day – encourage your employees to challenge themselves – give them ownership for their personal development and growth through independent as well as guided learning.


  1. GIVE – share yourself; your skills and knowledge. Spontaneous acts of kindness

It’s likely that your CSR strategy will allow your teams to give back to their local communities or to charitable causes. Have you ever consider allowing your teams to give back to each other? Encourage your employees to share their time and wisdom with their peers – why not give your teams a forum to share their skills and knowledge.


It was never in question, healthy and well-motivated employees can have a hugely positive impact on the productivity and effectiveness of your business.

Here are our 5 handy hints to promote mental wellbeing in your business

Don’t Stigmatise

Your language matters. Suggesting mental health problems are mainly the result of brain abnormalities will only make sufferers feel worse.

Embed Mental Health in Induction and Training

Ensure staff are given information on how mental health is managed and what support is available as part of induction.

Normalise Mental Health

Touch base regularly with your employees to check how they’re getting on and think about what might be causing them stress.

Encourage Work/Life Balance

Sustained pressure and a poor work/life balance can quickly lead to stress and burnout, reducing levels of employee productivity, performance, creativity and morale.

Take Interest in Personal Stories

Ask ‘what happened’ rather than ‘what’s wrong with you’.