What candidates want: An engaging application process

Almost 75% of job seekers quit lengthy job applications. Yes, you heard it right, if it takes longer than 15 minutes to complete your application process then it’s more than likely that candidates will not apply.  

Failing to invest in the applicant experience could be hugely undermining your chances of wooing the best talent for your business.

A recent study of over 14,600 participants, determined the key factors contributing to each stage of an applicant’s journey and found out at which stage of hiring candidates were turned off.

The research found that candidates were more willing to apply for a role if the application process felt personal and allowed them to communicate with the employer.

Whilst modern-day applicants wish to enjoy a flawless digital experience when applying for jobs, a huge 69% of candidates felt that having a point of human contact during the application process was the most attractive function that would spur on their application.

Here are some things to consider to ensure your process is appealing to the talent pool:

  1. Create informative, engaging job adverts with clear application instructions
  2. Streamline the application process and only request information that you really need
  3. Make the application process mobile responsive
  4. Update your applications throughout the recruitment process
  5. Provide applicants with case studies from current employees
  6. Provide applicants with a point of contact and encourage them to get in touch
  7. Pre-screen applicants prior to shortlisting

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