How working with a great recruiter can transform your career

In the current market, finding the right career opportunity can prove a difficult task. With employment rates at an all-time high, there’s a huge demand on the candidate pool and we’re seeing countless vacancies being advertised every day. We understand that this can make it difficult for you to determine which the right move is for you.

In most cases, when you apply for a position, your CV won’t initially land in front of the decision maker and it’s common place for you never to hear back from an application. This is where we’ll start with how a recruiter can be the ally you need in taking that next career step.

Our role is to get to really get to know you, understand your ambitions, skills and capabilities and then make steps to find opportunities in organisations that match your needs. Importantly, we’re here to give you that all important, detailed insight into the job and the organisation you’re applying to in order for you to make an initial decision as to whether it’s the right consideration for your next move. Once we’ve got that out of the way, we can then make the steps to introduce you directly to the hiring manager.


But how do you know if you’re working with a good recruiter? Here’s what to look out for…


 1)    They’ll consult you on your plans

A good recruiter listens carefully and understands your needs; they’ll take time to meet you in order to explore your career so far, your competencies, your desires and where you wish to head with your future.

They should listen, consult and advise you on the steps you’ll need to take to realise these ambitions. Furthermore, they’ll help set out a plan of action for you both to take in order to get started!


 2)    They’ll maintain effective communication

Recruitment relies heavily on great communication, so it’s important your recruiter is good at communicating whether this is face to face over the telephone or via email.

Equally, your recruiter should always know what’s going on with you and if there is any change to your circumstances. If there is consistent communication, you and your recruiter will always be on the same track.

You should always have updates, even if it’s just to say there is no update.


 3)    They’ll be focussed on the detail

What is the recruiter’s process? If you’ve had a 5-minute conversation with them it probably isn’t going to end with your dream job.

Your recruiter should hold your hand through every step of the process. They will support you right from making the commitment to transitioning your role, through the interview process, through handing in your notice, right down to being a sounding board for advice through your probation period and beyond. They’ll want to manicure the whole experience to ensure that you’ve made the right move that will help you transform your career.


 4)   They’ll give you the inside knowledge

Most recruiters can take a decent job description from a client; believe me, it’s not difficult.

But a great recruiter will delve deeper – they will understand why the position is open, how long their client has been in business, the culture fit, company core values, what the remuneration package is on offer, what soft skills are important to the hiring manager?

A good recruiter will know everything there is to know about a role and a company so they can suitably inform you and prepare you for your interview. Don’t settle for being thrust a job description and told to read it – you deserve to know more.


5) They’ll be honest and give you feedback

Nobody learns anything from being told they’re right all the time. A good consultant should form a partnership with you. They should have a free dialogue where they can share their thoughts and feelings openly and deliver constructive feedback to help you refine your skills. A ‘yes man’ just won’t cut the mustard!

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A great recruiter should be a support, a guide and a source of knowledge. They should be someone that you trust and feel free to sharing open feedback with. Take the time to ensure that you’re working with someone who can truly help you transform your career.