Returning Safely Back to the Workplace Training Workshop

1 year ago

COVID-19 has emerged as a catalyst which will accelerate and transform the way we work and manage our workforce in the future.

As companies begin to re-open their offices shifting their focus from crisis response to a phased return, they recognise it is going to be a very different working world to which we all return, one in which employers will need to embed new ways of working.

How we can support you

The team here at Cummins Mellor are always on the lookout for ways to support local businesses with training which is relevant to them.

We are delighted to have teamed up with Blackburn BID to deliver a series of training workshops to support senior Leaders and Managers in getting their businesses back into operation.

These online training sessions are fully funded by the BID and available to all its members, enabling attendees to better understand, inspire and motivate their teams as they bounce back to the workplace where the wellbeing, employee engagement, employee confidence and reassurance is key.

As part of this support package, we have developed the following training session for members to take part in:

Returning Safely Back to Work Workshop

Involving staff in their return to the workplace and in the risk assessment process means that not only are you getting the correct input and meeting your legal obligations as an employer, but you are relieving potential anxiety by including them in decision making for safeguarding matters and engagement achieving a Covid-safe workplace.

The workshop will cover all aspects of workplace safety to build confidence and communication to support workers back to the workplace, including:

– Implementing a phased return
– What the best onboarding process looks like for employees returning
– Evaluate what measures are put in place
– The importance of the risk assessment in a flexible workplace to ensure the safeguarding of employees, contractors and visitors
– Explore the flexible working patterns and different ways to team working, collaboration and working hours
– The importance of employee wellbeing and engagement as they too transition to a new normal
– What actions each of us can take to look after ourselves

The training session is delivered online to individuals, as a one to one session or as a group for up to five attendees.

If you are a Blackburn BID member and this is of interest to you and/or your team, please contact Michelle directly or fill in the form below.

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