Permanent Recruitment – The Cummins Mellor Way!

5 years ago


In today’s competitive job market, it can be difficult to know where to start when looking for a new position. Whether it’s your third job in the past five years or your second job in 20 years, it can all be a little daunting. That’s where Cummins Mellor can assist you with your search for a new position.

It’s our goal to find your next dream role, not a pit stop, but instead a career move that can transform your future.

Each member of the Cummins Mellor Recruitment family follows a simple, but effective process when assisting a job seeker in finding their next role…

1.Chit Chat

Firstly we will spend time speaking with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your situation and why you’re looking for a new position. In this conversation, we will find out all the essentials. What you want and don’t want in a role, to what you feel are your key strengths and ambitions. In the best case scenario, we will also be speaking with you about a potential position that we’re recruiting for.


2.Face to Face

Following this, we will meet with you to allow us to find out what you’re like as a person and learn more about you so that we’re able to represent you to the best of our abilities. Ideally, in this face to face meeting, we will be able to discuss the aforementioned potential position in more detail to make sure that it’s something you’d like us to submit you forward for.

We will also make sure that you’re the right fit for the company in question, be that both skills and cultural/personality. At Cummins Mellor, we don’t put someone forward for a position just because they can do what the job says on paper. We need to make sure that the company as a whole is right for you, be it the size of the team that you’d be working in, the progression that the role offers, or the location of the company.

We pride ourselves on the level of depth we have gone to over the past 26 years with both candidates and clients; this, in turn, has enabled us to build long standing relationships across East Lancashire.


3.Superstar Candidate!

Once you’re happy with the processes that has been laid out moving forward regarding any potential positions that we’re recruiting for, we will then discuss our unique candidate marketing plan.This allows the consultant to write a marketing summary about your key skills, technical abilities and qualifications in order to work together with our marketing team. We’ll place you on our website, which in turn enables prospective clients to view your Cummins Mellor profile. This is a unique way to connect clients to candidates across East Lancashire.

We would also discuss any companies or sectors that you’d like us to contact on your behalf to discuss your skills and experience with we will then proactively contact your desired employers to tell them about you and what you can bring to their business. Moving forward we would be back in touch within 24 hours to give you feedback on how the conversations went with the discussed target clients.  


4.Failing to Prepare Is Preparing To Fail

Next, we would discuss interview preparation with you, from tips on interviewing your interviewer, to in-depth information about the company and the individual that you’ll be meeting with.It is crucial that both you and the consultant are happy that you’re prepared to the level required to represent both yourself and Cummins Mellor to the highest level during your interview and give yourself the best chance at securing that dream permanent role.




Following any interviews that you attend on behalf of Cummins Mellor, we will contact you the morning of the interview for any last minute questions that you may have. We will then speak to you following your interview so that we can receive your feedback and relay it to our client.


6.Dream Job? Check!

In the event that we receive a job offer from the client, we would find out every detail of the offer package and have a conversation with you regarding this. Should you choose to accept this position, we would then let the client know and send out the relevant documentation confirming your new position including the start date and time.

Once you have physically received your offer letter from the company (should you currently be in a position) we will discuss and provide advice on the best way to resign from your current position, always promoting leaving on good terms.

We will speak to you on the morning of your resignation to discuss any last minute questions that you may have and will keep in touch with you regularly before your start date regardless of if you’re immediately available or have a 3 month notice period.

For the first 6 weeks of starting your new position, we will regularly maintain contact with you to make sure that you have no issues. Should any issues arise, we will do everything in our power to
resolve them.

Our aim is to build a long-standing relationship with you to ultimately transform both yours and our client’s futures.

If you would like more advice on permanent roles with Cummins Mellor, get in touch!

[email protected]

01254 239363











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