Do You Know The Lancashire Lingo?

7 years ago


We’re extremely passionate about Lancashire and work hard to make Lancashire a great place to work to encourage our great local talent to find great opportunities right here in the county.

Starting our recruitment journey in 1990 and having our head office in Blackburn, you could say we’ve heard it all before. So if you’re relocating to Lancashire or just testing yer knowledge we hope you enjoy our reet good Lancashire bible!


Have a gander at our Lancashire sayings!

1.Saying/ word: Barm
Meaning: Bread roll

2. Saying/ word: Put wood in th’ole
Meaning: Shut the door

3. Saying/ word: Corporation pop
Meaning: Water

4. Saying/ word: It’s cracking flags
Meaning: it is so hot outside that stone pavings are breaking

5. Saying/ word: Use yer loaf
Meaning: Use your brain

6. Saying/ word: I’ve not got out fort do
Meaning: I don’t have anything to do

7. Saying/ word: A’v cum b’out any money
Meaning: I haven’t got any cash on me today

8. Saying/ word: Stop skriking
Meaning: Stop crying

9. Saying/ word: Mitherin’
Meaning: Annoying/pestering

10.Saying/ word: Wot you sayin’?
Meaning: What’s up? or What are you up to?

11.Saying/ word: Proper reet good
Meaning: That is very good

12.Saying/ word: Give us a nicker
Meaning: Please may I have a pound

13.Saying/ word: A doll and a drum and a kick up a bum
Meaning: That is what you get for being cheeky

14.Saying/ word: What ya on wi lad
Meaning: What have you been up to?

15.Saying/ word: How’s yer sen?
Meaning: How are you?

16.Saying/ word: Stop pace egging about
Meaning: Stop messing around

17.Saying/ word: Kecks
Meaning: Trousers

18.Saying/ word: I’m spitting feathers here
Meaning: I am thirsty (can also be very angry!)

19.Saying/ word: Nice one
Meaning: Thank you

20.Saying/ word: Beltin’
Meaning: Great

21.Saying/ word: He’s not as green as he’s cabbage-looking

Meaning: He’s not as stupid as he looks

22.Saying/ word: Scran
Meaning: Food

23.Saying/ word: Our kid
Meaning: My brother/sister

24.Saying/ word: Manchester caviar
Meaning: Mushy peas

25.Saying/ word: Wind ya neck in
Meaning: Calm down/keep your nose out of my business

26.Saying/ word: Shut ya gob
Meaning: Be quiet

27.Saying/ word: Put big light on
Meaning: Turn on the main light

28.Saying/ word: Ta rah
Meaning: Goodbye

29.Saying/ word: Your hair is full of lugs

Meaning: Your hair is all knotty

30.Saying/ word: Chuffed
Meaning: Pleased

31.Saying/ word: Willie heckers like
Meaning: No he won’t

32.Saying/ word: Ow’do
Meaning: How are you?

33.Saying/ word: ‘angin
Meaning: Horrible

34.Saying/ word: Don’t be nesh
Meaning: Do not be soft

35.Saying/ word: Mingin’
Meaning: Not nice

36.Saying/ word: That’s bobbins
Meaning: That is useless

37.Saying/ word: I were agate and he were agate
Meaning: I said and he said

38.Saying/ word: Muffin
Meaning: Bread roll

39.Saying/ word: I could eat a horse between two bread vans
Meaning: I am very hungry

40.Saying/ word: Clobber
Meaning: Item of clothing or hitting someone hard

41.Saying/ word: Do I heckers like
Meaning: No, I definitely don’t

42.Saying/ word: Nippin’ shop
Meaning: Going to the shop

43.Saying/ word: Up the wooden hill
Meaning: Up the stairs

44.Saying/ word: I’ll av a meat an tata cake
Meaning: I’ll have a meat and potato pie

45.Saying/ word: A shilling mix
Meaning: A shillings worth of chips and peas in a bowl

46.Saying/ word: Al’reet?
Meaning: Are you ok?

47.Saying/ word: What a load of twod
Meaning: What a load of rubbish

48.Saying/ word: Sweating cobs as in ‘I’m sweating cobs ‘ere’
Meaning: I am sweating a lot

49.Saying/ word: Brassic
Meaning: Broke

50.Saying/ word: Oh aye yeah
Meaning: Oh yes (realisation)

51.Saying/ word: Barmcake
Meaning: Bread roll

52.Saying/ word: Like piffy on a rock bun
Meaning: Used for someone hanging around with no purpose

53.Saying/ word: Sound as a pound
Meaning: Great, doing good

54.Saying/ word: I’m starvin’ Marvin.
Meaning: Hungry

55.Saying/ word: Jibbing
Meaning: Not to pay on the bus or train/unwilling to do something

56.Saying/ word: Yer great barmpot
Meaning: You are being rather silly

57.Saying/ word: ee, I’ll go t’foot of our stairs
Meaning: Expression of surprise

58.Saying/ word: Yer doin me shed in
Meaning: You are driving me mad

59.Saying/ word: He’s not behind the door is he?
Meaning: He’s not daft is he?


Got one to add? Let us know! 

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