Temporary Recruitment – The Cummins Mellor Way

5 years ago


Thinking about registering with us as a temporary candidate but don’t know what to expect?

It can be daunting if you’re new to the temporary lifestyle and quite unsure about things like:


  • How the relationships with clients work
  • What involvement the agency has in their applications
  • Who pays who?


At Cummins Mellor, we pride ourselves on the support we offer to our candidates during the stressful time of seeking employment.

I previously wrote a blog on the benefits of working temporary assignments – So if initially, you’re unsure about temporary work, it’s well worth a read!


Working temporary assignments can be very different to a permanent opportunity, so let me talk you through the Cummins Mellor process and how working with us will allow you to feel in control and in the know.


The Cummins Mellor way…

There are various reasons why you may end up chatting to a Cummins Mellor Consultant about temporary opportunities:

  • You may have applied for a position advertised on our website
  • Your details may be available on Job boards
  • You may have been recommended via an existing Cummins Mellor candidate


Telephone Chat

Initially, I would want to have a good chat with you over the phone to get to know you as a person and gauge a solid understanding of your CV history and future goals, this should take a good 30 minutes.


Face to Face

Now that we’ve been introduced and are both on the same page with regards to exactly what you’re searching for. You will then be invited to attend a full registration where you will learn about Cummins Mellor and the team who will be representing you. It is crucial at this point that you’re totally aware of what we expect from you and what you can expect from us.


This is also where I will put together your ‘Personal Marketing Plan’ so you have a full understanding of how I intend to find you a brilliant local opportunity and meet your requirements.


The future and beyond

If you have applied for a specific role though Cummins Mellor, depending if you’re a skill and cultural fit for the business, I will then put forward for the role and if successful, the interview process will commence!


Alternatively, if you have approached us directly to find you a position, we will then begin the search for that perfect temporary role, keeping in regular contact throughout.


Q&A with Helen Jackson…

  • Q: How do I get paid as a temporary worker?

A: As a temporary member of staff you are paid via Cummins Mellor. Temporary assignments are worked out on an hourly salary and are paid on a weekly basis.


  • Q: If you place someone in a temporary role, does the agency take a percentage of the salary?

A: Not at all, you will receive the full salary that the client has authorised to be paid, minus NI and Tax of course.


  • Q: How do you know what hours I’ve worked?

A: We will send a weekly timesheet to your line manager for completion and authorisation.


  • Q: How will I learn of any temporary assignments?

A: There are various methods you can adopt, which are:

  • Regularly checking the website and social media
  • Regular catch ups with your Cummins Mellor Consultant


  • Q: How do I apply for positions?

A: It’s easy, once your Consultant has given you the full details of the assignment and you are happy to proceed, we will then submit an application on your behalf.


  • Q: How long do I have to wait before I can start work?

A: As soon as we find your perfect role! This all depends on your own personal circumstances of course, but temporary assignments usually happen pretty fast!


  • Q: What happens if I’m working a temporary assignment and a permanent opportunity arises, will that affect anything?

A: No, the client would have been prepped about your permanent search and will be fully aware.


  • Q: What if I don’t like the assignment, will that ruin the relationship?

A: Absolutely not, we will have weekly catch-ups to check how things are going. If a problem arises 9 times of out 10 it can be resolved and if not, we can arrange a positive outco
me which suits all parties.


Looking for some further information? Get in touch!

[email protected]

01254 239363




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