Personality and Sales Profiling Consultancy -

Personality and Sales Profiling Consultancy

psychometric-profilingWhat is profiling?

In a time where human capital is everything in business, it is more important than ever for managers and their teams to possess a sound understanding of themselves and one another.

Cummins Mellor can offer a range of assessments that can help you explore the behaviours of current or prospective employees. These include:

  • Personality Profiling Assessment
  • Sales Profiling Assessment
  • Team Role Diagnostic
  • Learning Style Diagnostic

The Personality Assessment can give a better understanding of work personality, likely strengths and weaknesses, an indication of learning styles and attitudes, as well as how an individual may respond when placed under pressure. They are used as part of the recruitment process, as well as a management and personal development guidance document.

The Sales Assessment gives a good indication of sales desire, whether individuals have an aptitude for working in sales and so will respond well to training, and how likely they are to empathise with clients, an invaluable skill in successful sales and negotiation. It also gives a strong indication to how much the individual understands the sales process – thereby identifying if sales training would be required.

Why use profiling? 

Conducting profiling with possible new hires can highlight their potential behaviour in the workplace. These results can be used by hiring managers to enhance recruitment decisions by getting an insight into how this person is likely to integrate with an existing team dynamic and react in certain situations, i.e. sales or high pressured environment.

Having a good idea of a potential new hire’s psychometric profile will enable you as an employer to tailor the questions asked during interview in order to address any concerns/issues as to why the person may not be suitable for the role they have applied for.

The benefits of profiling:

  • Provides individuals with a more in-depth understanding of themselves
  • Allows teams to understand their peers
  • Helps to mould and shape the interviewing process to get the most out of an individual
  • Can help increase self-awareness and promote emotional intelligence of individuals
  • Beneficial for helping build high performing teams

Would you like to make more informed hiring decisions?

We can equip you with the knowledge you need to ensure applicant suitability to the type of role they are looking to undertake.

The Cummins Mellor Group benefit from the valuable information provided by profiling and we’re able to offer this service to other businesses looking to gain a better understanding of applicants’ work personality, likely strengths and weaknesses, learning styles and attitudes.

How Cummins Mellor can help implement profiling into your business

We can assign our specially trained profiling expert to your business to;

  • Conduct initial training on the psychometric profiling process with relevant internal staff
  • Illustrate how to implement profiling into your recruitment/interviewing process
  • Help you understand what to look out for in profiles for potential new hire’s and how to tailor the interview process based on the results
  • Ensure your existing team are fully prepared on how to introduce a new member of staff to your team using results from profiling to ensure dynamics aren’t disrupted

You can read more about psychometric profiling and how it can be utilised in your business in our latest blog


If you would like more information on how profiling can be introduced into your recruitment process, call and speak with an expert 01254 239100