Top talent will wait for no one


Winning top talent is becoming more of a challenge and you’re probably having to work harder than ever on your attraction and recruitment strategies in order to seal your accolade of being an ‘employer of choice’.

Here are some steps you can take to help ensure that you don’t miss out on the best candidates…In short, you must act fast!


1.) Never stop looking…

The classic thing we’re all guilty of is a knee jerk reaction to recruitment. Something happens and we all run to our action stations; cobble together a job advert, place it on a few job boards, ring a recruitment agency and then cross our fingers that we get someone before the current post holder leaves. We panic! As businesses, we must get better at always having our eyes constantly on the talent pool.

Maintenance of the ‘We’re Recruiting’ message in the marketplace is so important. It’s every businesses objective to grow, and growth means additional staff, so it makes sense to always be on the lookout for talent to join your organisation.

Consider your careers pages on your website. Is it clear what types of opportunities are available within your business? Think about your network, is your current team always on the lookout for their future colleagues – are they rewarded for introducing great candidates to your business? Think about how you track individuals who approach your business for roles – is this information recorded and more importantly re-visited?


 2.) Job adverts aren’t a wish list, they’re a sales tool…

Why would someone want to work for your business? You’ve got to answer this question in your job advert. Whilst it’s important to outline your expectations for the role, the core responsibilities and the person specification of the successful candidate you must also identify what’s in it for them. Consider your employee benefits, promote your company culture and make the advert engaging and informative. See adverts as a shop window for your organisation – it’s got to lure people in!


3.) Speed is of the essence…

Whilst it may seem like a good idea to wait until the advert closes to review all applications together, the people that applied on day one may have become tired of waiting to hear back and gone ahead and accepted another role. Review applications as you go. You don’t necessarily need to book interviews but make initial contact over the phone with those you may be considering to shortlist. As the bare minimum, email them and advise that their application has been received and outline when they should expect to hear back from you. Moving quickly in the early stages of the recruitment process can make a real impact on the way your business is viewed by the talent pool. Move quickly, and get their buy-in.


4.) Communication & correspondence…Managing expectations!

Keep correspondence with candidates regular, engaging and informative. As touched upon above, constant communication throughout the recruitment process is crucial. People want to be made to feel special and valued, more importantly, they want to feel acknowledged. Find ways to thank and acknowledge all applicants for their interest in your business. Even if they aren’t the one for you, you want them to speak positively about their experience with your organisation.

A brief follow-up email will do, better still, give unsuccessful interviewees a quick 5-minute call to feedback on your thoughts. In addition, remember, every touch point with a candidate is an opportunity to ‘sell’ your business. Consider the information you include on interview confirmations – does it put your business in the best light? Use all correspondence to inform people about things that would draw them into your business. Whether it be awards, team news or details of your CSR, they can all add to your ‘pulling power’. Don’t miss an opportunity to make an impact.


5.) Follow up…

There’ll always be definitive no’s when interviewing but there’ll equally be the not right now’s and the not quite right’s. Remember, whilst it’s a no, for now, it might not be forever. Keep in touch, keep a record of discounted candidates. People will inevitably upskill themselves and progress in their careers and you may want to capture them at a later date – keep in touch!


Amy signatureDon’t miss out on your opportunity to attract and acquire top talent – put yourself on the opposite side of the table for a second and really consider how your talent acquisition journey looks from their perspective. Small tweaks can make a huge difference.

If you’re looking for support in implementing or improving attraction and selection strategies within your business then contact Amy for a discussion about our consultancy services.

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