Are you a great employer to work for? Prove it…

Attracting top talent is all about driving culture to reassure candidates that you’re a high performing organisation and can provide a productive place to work.

Employer branding is crucial. Review platforms such as Glassdoor are becoming increasingly popular and most employees will heavily research the type of organisation you are before they apply.

Many prospective employees take the temperature of what it’s like to work within an organisation long before they submit an application.

Promoting your employee benefits is key to attracting candidates. These may include;

Reward schemes: Promoting what rewards and discounts employees can take advantage of as well as internal awards/recognition schemes.

Flexibility: Means different things to different people so being open to how and where work is done is key.

Work Location: Working from home, being in a central location, transport links and what’s around for social events are important factors when considering a new employer.

Leave Entitlements: The latest global trend. If unlimited leave is too much of a leap, then consider providing employees with additional annual leave or the option to purchase additional leave. It’s all about choice.

Technology: Access to latest technology and softwares can be a major selling point.

Employee Assistance Programmes: Offering access to professional help across many areas including grief counselling and financial planning is a huge support to employees.

Health & Wellbeing: This can range from basic elements like discounted gym membership through to fully-funded health insurance or even health consultations.

Shared Spaces: Offering a great place to hang out where employees can eat well, get away from their desk and be sociable. Just simple things like access to free good quality tea, coffee and soft drinks and fruit can be attractive.

Social Events: Do you hold regular company events with families like BBQs and quiz nights as well as Christmas parties, annual conferences and sports days? Promote them on your website and social feeds.

Professional Development: The opportunity for professional development is nearly always cited by employees as one of the biggest benefits when selecting an employer. This could be in the form of funded further education through to simple internal mentorship programs. Sharing success stories of your current team and their development journeys can really help bring this to life for potential applicants.

Charity days: We’re living in a time when people now expect their employers to proactively give back to their community. Whilst company donations and partnerships are good, providing your teams with the opportunities to get involved themselves can be even better. Paid Volunteer Days are on the rise, where team members are given the day off to volunteer with the company’s charity or a charity of their choice.

Prospective employees want to know first-hand what its really like to work in an organisation. Openly sharing benefits like these will demonstrate how serious you are about taking care of your employees and being a great place to work.


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