Benefits of incorporating flexible working into your recruitment strategy

Did you know? 82% of UK office workers would opt for a job that offers flexible working over one that doesn’t.

Yes, you heard it right, businesses that offer flexible working to employees are more likely to attract and retain “better candidates”, according to survey results from UC EXPO. PWC conducted a two year long study into its own workforce and found that across the board, employees wanted to occasionally work from home or shift their working hours.

A survey of 1,000 UK office workers found that 82% of employees would choose to take a job that offered flexible working benefits over one that didn’t.

A vast number of employees that already worked at home or remotely said it had increased their happiness and job satisfaction (27%) while 90% said flexible working had helped them maintain a better work/life balance. 67% also said that they felt their productivity levels had actually increased or stayed the same while working from home.

It’s absolutely vital to break down the perception that flexible working is linked to lower levels of employee commitment. On the contrary, if employees are maintaining a better work/life balance they are likely to be even more committed to your cause.

We believe that making reference to flexible working and having a clear definition of flexible working on job adverts is key. Offering flexible working should be a huge ‘sales tool’ for attracting talent to your business – but only if you sell these benefits:

  • Flexibility for employees to meet their family needs and commitments
  • Reduced consumption of employee commuting time and fuel costs
  • Helping employees to avoid traffic and the stresses of commuting during rush hours
  • Increased feeling of personal control over their own schedule and working environment
  • Can reduce employee burnout due to work overload
  • Can allows people to work when they accomplish most, feel at their most fresh, and most enjoy working
  • Depending on the flexible work schedule chosen it may decrease external childcare hours and costs

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Still not sure that flexible working is the right thing for your business? With benefits like this, we think it’s a no brainer!

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