5 Key Benefits Graduates Expect From Employers

With employment rates at their highest since the 1970’s, the talent pool is becoming increasingly limited and we need to work harder than ever to stand out as employers of choice.

It’s imperative that we adopt a proactive rather than reactive candidate attraction strategy, which means that when we need to recruit, we have a selection of approved candidates that we can approach immediately rather than having to rely on job adverts.

The world of work is changing so rapidly employers need to understand how to attract and retain the best talent by offering the best benefits.

Graduate talent is now privy to more information than ever and are becoming increasingly more savvy when seeking out the “what’s in it for me” from their prospective employers.


Here are 5 things to consider in your pursuit to attract Graduates to your business.


Salary/remuneration still remains a top priority for the majority of graduates from college and universities. With the rising costs of living especially in major cities, this comes as no surprise.

Candidates need to feel reassured that their employer will help them learn new skills and build their knowledge base, leading to higher paid positions within the company in the not too distant future.

2.Corporate Culture

Graduates place a high level of importance in working with people they can successfully integrate with culturally, supporting the different work functions and processes within the organisation.

Moreover, candidates are looking for a good work environment, collaborative team dynamics and values that they can identify with

3. Impact

Graduates want to know that they can “make the world a better place” or “have an impact” with the work that they do.

They are more attracted to companies and organisations that can make them feel that their contribution is leaving the organisation and making a difference to today’s economy, society and environment.

4. Work-life Balance

While some corporate environments still foster a highly competitive workspace that leaves little room for work-life balance, today’s graduates are being selective at a very young age about the types of careers they take on.

They want to work with a business that allows them to balance their careers and personal lives. It’s not just all about climbing up the corporate ladder at a rapid pace anymore.

5. Career Development

Continuous learning allows Graduates to see a career path. Their expectations of employers reflect their need to continue in learning new things that help them develop personally and professionally.

It all boils down to one simple statement – the people with the best people – win. Every time! Without the people, we simply cannot function and without people, we certainly cannot grow.


Want to win the race for talent? Try incorporating some of these elements into your candidate attraction strategy.


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