How temping with Cummins Mellor can transform your future

When speaking to candidates, I sometimes get the vibe that ‘temping’ is seen as a bad thing. Candidates seem to worry about the perceived sporadic nature of temporary work and the ‘instability’ of it all.

Here’s a fact for you, over the last 12 months the average length of a temporary contract with Cummins Mellor was a whopping 122 days! Furthermore, in a recent report by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, it concluded that 36% people in Great Britain have worked as a temporary worker at some point in their life – so surely there’s got to be some value in it?

Now don’t get me wrong, of course there are some odd day covers here and there but the chances are, if you impress a business whilst covering a temporary assignment and effectively make yourself ‘indispensable’ then you’re in with a shout of landing yourself a lengthy placement.

Temping doesn’t have to be a ‘means to an end’ – it can be a direct choice; if you are thinking of a career change later in life, in between roles, or undecided which career path to take, a temporary job can provide vital exposure to the types of roles you enjoy and may wish to consider long term.

Temp contracts are available to cover maternity leave, absence due to illness, extended annual leave, or a sudden departure of a permanent employee. Another reason clients call upon temps is to trial candidates for a new position. What better way to land your dream job than to be given an opportunity to showcase your skills and prove you’ve got what it takes! Better still, you get to take a good look at the employer to ensure that it’s the right place for you before you accept the role – everyone’s a winner!


I’ve narrowed down my top 5 reasons why a temporary contract could enhance your career:

1.     Plugs a gap between employment

Avoid gaps in employment and keep yourself busy by covering temporary assignments in between. You can still look for a permanent job whilst you’re working with us and better still, we will be keeping an eye out for permanent role for you at the same time!

You never know, if you’re doing an amazing job in a business whilst working on a temporary assignment they may very well earmark you for the next permanent role that comes up with them. You’ll also get paid on a weekly basis which can help you with your cash flow.


2.     Learn how different companies operate and develop new skills

Every company uses a variety of systems and databases and has different methods of dealing with customers. Temping allows you to harness a variety of new skills that can stand you in good stead when going in for interviews. It can also give you an opportunity to explore different industries and job roles to allow you to hone in on the ideal role for you in the future.


3.     Enriching your CV

Working across a variety of businesses can really enrich your CV – particularly if that temp work is in a market leading Lancashire businesses or a highly regarded and well respected local employer.

Most temporary employers would be happy to provide a reference for your time spent with them which could make all the difference in your future job search. The more positive references you can provide, the stronger your case following interviews and accepting new roles.


4.     Allows flexibility

Working on temporary contracts makes it far easier to take career breaks, fit your job around your home life and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Although not having a permanent job may be scary at first, it’s easy to become addicted to the freedom of doing temporary work as and when you want it.  It can also be a great thing to do alongside study. A Cummins Mellor Temporary Candidate commented:

“Temporary work has enabled me to get money and work experience whilst simultaneously getting an education to better myself in the future”


5.     Support, feedback and personal development

We consider our temporary candidates to be an extension of our business – we pride ourselves on supporting our temporary workforce, ensuring their careers are our priority.

Whilst working as a temporary candidate we ensure that you receive holiday allowances, weekly pay, access to a pension scheme and the opportunity to work in quality working environments.


Amy signatureWe take your feedback really seriously and listen to your requirements and recommendations to help you find the ideal placement. Not only that, we work with employers to gain specific feedback on your performance which we can share with you to help you improve your skills and competencies too.

Still not convinced that temping is for you?

Why not give me a call; I’d be more than happy to discuss your personal preferences and ambitions. After all, Cummins Mellor are committed to transforming your future; we’re here to support you throughout your career journey. 01254 239363