The power social media can have in progressing your career!

Social media can be a fantastic tool when searching for a new role. It can provide insights in company culture, plans for the future and current business activities.

Equally, it can also be a minefield when trying to approach new companies or making yourself stand out from the crowd. Maintaining a social media presence and working your network can be time-consuming.

Here are my 5 top tips on how to utilise social media to your advantage on your search for a new role:

Choose the right channels

To begin, think about which sites are best suited to the sector or industry you are wanting to gain a role in. This will then throw up the correct recruiters, hiring managers and future colleagues form that industry giving you your target audience. To avoid a scattergun approach, choose a handful of channels so you can maintain maximum attention whilst booting your professional profile.

Professional sites, such as LinkedIn, with a variety of industries on are useful, however you may then you may find more industry specific ones in your search.

Update your profile

Before approaching any company or individual, make sure your profile, qualifications, awards, testimonials and career history are up to date. This allows hiring managers and recruiters to make informed decisions on the basic information you have provided. Make sure your wording and even your picture is kept professional and information is true. Format your paragraphs and repeat any key words relating to your industry so you gain a better chance of appearing on searches.

Reference industry trends and knowledge

Demonstrate your knowledge of what is going on in your market place. This can be down through writing articles, sharing news stories or even discussing topics on another professionals posts. Think carefully about your viewpoint and approach it tactfully. You want to come across as knowledgeable, not argumentative.

Be active and get it out there

Be aware that social media isn’t there to replace traditional networking, but use it as another tool to boost your professional profile. Join relevant industry groups and join in discussion and debates. Again still be aware of the language and approach you take. Take the time to approach other professionals and leaders in your chosen field. Ask for advice, their opinion or even if they have time for a coffee. You never know where that may lead you.

Don’t expect instant results

Social media is certainly not going to provide a quick win solution, in terms of generating your perfect career opportunity. Avoid letting it hinder your productivity in your current position. Keep disciplined for replying to messages or commenting on posts and you will eventually see a positive return on our investment.


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It’s time to get social media savvy!

Best of luck in your career search.