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We have helped thousands of candidates find their dream jobs since we were established in 1990.

During this time, we’ve built up a huge portfolio of advice and tips for jobseekers which we wanted to share…

How temping can transform your future

Over the last 12 months the average length of a temporary contract with Cummins Mellor was 122 days! Here are the top 5 reasons why our candidates love temporary contracts!

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10 questions to ask before accepting a job

Spending around a third of our lives at work means choosing the right employer is crucial! Helen explains why ‘Interviewing your interviewer’ is the way to go!

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Are you working with a great recruiter?

In the current market, finding the right opportunity can prove difficult for any candidate. Here’s why working with a great recruiter could transform your career.

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9 smart habits to stay poitive at work

Not all employers will give you the vote of confidence or praise where praise is due. But there are a few smart habits that can help give you the ‘get up and go’ when the alarm goes off!

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How to write a resignation letter

Need help writing your resignation letter? Here's how to preserve a positive and graceful ensuring both parties can leave the situation with closure, a sense of respect and amicability.

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5 top tips for getting time off for an interview

If you’ve been given the opportunity to go for an interview – it is the best feeling! This is your time to shine! But now you’re faced with the hurdle…how to get time off for an interview?

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4 tips before you press 'apply'

In today’s world, the likelihood is, you will have a social media account, but do you know when enough is enough and when you should press that crucial pause button?

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Top 10 tips for your CV success

A CV is the first impression that a potential hirer will have of you. Once you know how, putting together a good CV is easy. Here are some handy hints and tips to get you on the right track.

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