The 'Ignite' Programme

Start-up Business Coaching

The ‘Ignite’ Start-up Business Coaching programme is designed for those who want the freedom to work for themselves, whether that’s starting a new business venture or becoming a freelancer.

That’s why we’ll help develop your confidence, analyse the pros and cons of becoming your own boss and fully advise on strategy and planning, to turn your business start-up dream into reality.


What's included?

We understand that stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming self-employed can be overwhelming.

That’s why we support new business owners at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey, igniting that initial spark and giving you everything you need to start up a successful business and be your own boss.


You'll have a specialist business coach on hand to help you understand yourself as an Entrepreneur, your key strengths and motivations and what's behind your 'WHY' now you've taken the leap to work for yourself.


We'll explore your future business model, how you'll make money and your value proposition, empowering you to become more entrepreneurial. We'll help you make a start and clearly outline what you need to do to keep on track.


Together we will analyse the options available to you as well as the benefits and advantages of becoming your own boss. We'll also advise you on funding options and routes to investment.


We'll advise on strategy, planning and sales & marketing, including diverse roots to market & digital checklists. We even offer support with your back office processes so there’s no excuse to getting started doing what you love in your own business.

Build Your Personal Brand

As well as giving you all the skills you need to become your own boss, we’ll also help you build your own personal brand.

The old saying is still true, ‘people buy from people’.

Having the confidence to present a true, authentic professional you, including your talents, strengths, interests and personality, all wrapped up in your own personal style is key to putting your new venture on the map.

We’ll help you:

  • Discover the essence of your personal brand
  • Take the steps to create your brand
  • Form a strategy to build your brand audience and networks
  • Position yourself in line with your company
  • Review your online footprint including social media platforms, your bio and consistency

Ready to ignite your spark?

uncover all the skills and knowledge you need to become your own boss.

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Meet your Business Coach

Michelle Mellor is co-founder & owner of the Cummins Mellor Family of Businesses.

Michelle has set up and operated a number of successful ventures in her 30+ years in business and as a trained NLP Practitioner and Coach, she offers a wealth of business and leadership experience.

Starting her businesses with no borrowings and running them with no debt, Michelle will guide you through the process with a structed plan and show you simply, how to set up a business.

From strategy, business planning and sales & marketing to culture, values and compliance, Michelle will help you master putting people and profitability at the front and centre of your growing business without compromising either.