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The History Of Milnshaw House

Good Old Fashioned Family Values continue to thrive in the Great House!

It seems only fitting that our thriving recruitment business on Whalley Road shares the very same ethos and family values as the man who built the property.

Milnshaw House which has recently undergone extensive refurbishment was built by a man who thrived on family life sharing a fondness for a work-life balance in the same way that Cummins Mellor Recruitment’s foundation for success has flourished over the last twenty-three years.

William Entwistle

Milnshaw House on Whalley Road, Accrington was built in the mid-1800’s by Mr William Entwisle to house his large family. William had eight children, twenty-six grandchildren and at the time of his death in 1909, 10 great grandchildren.

Minshaw House, whilst a thriving recruitment business today, stood proud and grand on Whalley Road where William was most happy being surrounded by his  60 strong family. An active man in the community he was engaged during his lifetime with many things.

His main business activity was cotton manufacturing, Director of John Fish Ltd in Mill Hill he was also a member of the County Council and never missed a meeting except for 2 or 3 months when he went on a business trip to America. William was one of the first Accrington Mayors in office being also amongst the first magistrates appointed in the town he was made senior justice of the borough in 1880.

However, William did not start life in the Cotton Trade, he served 6 years engraving and 3 years tye dying for Foxhill Bank Printworks. The son of a grocer, he took his mother in law’s grocery shop opposite the Red Lion Hotel on Abbey Street which he had for 4 years, his father had a similar shop in Church and due to ill health, William took over his father’s business and made his success and wealth in the grocery trade.

A popular Accrington figure and man of public service and duty, in committee work his long experience and local knowledge, was of inestimable benefit.

What would the Ex- Mayor of Accrington make of the recent refurbishment of this period residence in 2012? 

Michelle Mellor, Director of the business tracked down Williams’s great great granddaughter, Jane Ross who now lives in Bath.

Jane was delighted at the progress made to the house and remembers spending very happy Christmases there as a child. “William would be delighted to know Milnshaw House is still as thriving and busy with lots of activity and people, just how her great, great grandfather liked it to be.

Milnshaw House was always a happy, family place and seeing it recently brought back very fond memories of my childhood, my grandfather whilst very public spirited and active in the community lived a simple life: “early to bed, early to rise” was one of his mottos and he was keen on outdoor exercise” Being around his family was the most important to him and I can see that the people working at Cummins Mellor continue with the same real family feel”.