Proud Supporters of Blackburn Youth Zone -

Proud Supporters of Blackburn Youth Zone


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How we support the young people at the Youth Zone

Conducting employability training with members of the Youth Zone looking to enter into the world of work

Founding the ‘BYZ supporters cup’

Founding the BYZ charity ball

Raising funds in-house through our dress down days and bake sales


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About Blackburn Youth Zone

Blackburn Youth Zone is a state of the art, 21st-century youth club facility for young people aged 8 to 18 years old, aiming to permanently change the prospects offered to young people in the area.

The Zone is led with the principle of ‘starting where young people are, going where young people take us’. Open 365 days a year, offering up to 20 activities each evening, with an entrance fee of just 50p.

What makes the Zone distinctive is its relationship with the local business community, who have wholeheartedly embraced the concept and pledged to work together to raise the aspirations of our town’s young people, equipping them with life skills, increased confidence and independence which in turn will regenerate our town from the bottom up.

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Why we support Blackburn Youth Zone

The Cummins Mellor Group are proud supporters of Blackburn Youth Zone and regularly organise fundraising events to ensure the great work the facility does can continue.

Here at the Cummins Mellor Group, we have always valued the talent and fresh ideas young people can bring to businesses, which is one of the reasons we chose to support the Youth Zone. 20% of our workforce are either current or former Apprentices with many going on to become Senior Managers within the business.

We see wonderful potential in young people who show a positive and ambitious attitude towards work – that’s the most important thing. You can always train skill but attitude, that’s innate.There’s nothing more rewarding for us than seeing a shy, inexperienced Apprentice develop into a confident, skilled and irreplaceable member of the team with help and training from dedicated colleagues.

We’ve joined the Youth Zone’s ‘family’ to invest in the future of our community. We’re also joining a whole host of fantastic local employers who have pledged their commitment to the Youth Zone.

If you would like further information about Blackburn Youth Zone and how you or your business can join the Cummins Mellor Group and many other well-known businesses in supporting them – get in touch 01254 239100