Recruitment Graduate Scheme at Cummins Mellor

Recruitment Graduate Scheme

In your final year of your degree? Are you in a quandary about where to invest those abundant talents of yours?

Have you considered a career in recruitment?

Cummins Mellor Recruitment is the largest independent recruitment company based in Lancashire providing a first class recruitment service for over 25 years across many sectors in both local, regional and national recruitment markets.

Working from offices in Lancashire and London we have expanded into many disciplines and we’re still growing. Our recipe for success is simple: recruit high calibre individuals, teach them to sell, develop them throughout their career and watch them and the business flourish.

We create an environment where empowered individuals are supported in their pursuit of long-term, achievable goals; with a track record teaching Apprentices over the years (33% of our workforce started as Apprentices and are now full time employees) we have helped many of our successful people achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

To flourish in recruitment, a target driven environment, you’ll need to be more of a hardier perennial than delicate flower. Canvassing, communicating, negotiating contracts, as well as taking feedback are key to your success. You’ll have to get used to operating outside your comfort zone but things are easier when you’re surrounded by like-minded people working towards the same objective.  Bonuses are based on team as well as individual performance, encouraging everyone to pull together.

Bonuses are nice but the rewards at Cummins Mellor are more than just financial. This is a caring, sharing culture where respect for each other and family value drive everyone who works here. Prove yourself and there’s no reason why you couldn’t be running your own team.

The future is very promising!

Don’t miss out, apply now or for more information contact Michelle Mellor