Cummins Mellor Recruitment Consultant Q&A Session

Cummins Mellor Recruitment Consultant Q&A Session

Find out what our Consultants have to say about the world of recruitment and their top tips for success;

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What attracted you to a career in recruitment?

Helen: Like most graduates, I was unsure what career path I was going to take after finishing my studies. I sought a role that would offer me a varied working day with the opportunity to develop quickly and take responsibility for my own career progression. I have always seen running my own desk as me running my own business leaving me with no limits on what I can achieve. 

Katie: “The career progression, the sales training and the earning potential.” 

Richard: “Better hours than a Hotel Manager, I always enjoyed interviewing people and unearthing hidden talent.”


How would you describe the beginning of your career in recruitment? What did you do to initially build your business?

Helen: Starting out in recruitment was a huge learning curve – initially much of my time was spent understanding company systems and getting to know clients and candidates. It was this grounding that I found key to getting off the ground. By getting a thorough understanding of my clients and candidates needs early on allowed me to build trust and confidence with them – these relationships built strong foundations for my future growth.” 

Katie: “I spent a lot of time getting to know my market and becoming and expert. I did a lot of research and spoke to a lot of candidates to establish where I wanted to focus my business development and which clients I wanted to work with.”

June: “Things were very different 20 years ago when I began in the recruitment industry. There wasn’t as much competition and social media didn’t exist. Good old fashioned qualities such as building good working relationships and lots of recommendations by satisfied clients were the key to success.”

Richard: “I got my address book out and told everyone I knew what I was doing. I got quite a few vacancies from those calls.”

Jodie: “I started my career in recruitment as an assistant to a consultant who was running a successful desk, I learnt how to build relationships with clients and candidates and maintain them. When I became a consultant I started to grow my desk by following up leads, speaking to lots of candidates, and being aware of  what’s happening in my market place”


What do you most enjoy about being a recruitment consultant?

Katie: “The variety in the role – every day is different”

Jodie:“I love the buzz of finding jobs for Chefs and matching them to the right kitchens. No day is ever the same.”

June: I enjoy dealing with people and problem solving – every day is different, as is every client and candidate.”

Helen: I love that I am in charge of my own destiny – I have the opportunity to build something based on my own hard work and efforts. I also love the ‘people’ side of my job – that I get to talk to such a varied range of people; negotiating, closing business, meeting clients, conducting interviews. It makes every day different and keeps me on my toes.”

Richard: “Candidate gets a job, Client gets a great new team member and we get a fee, what’s not to like?”


What has been your biggest success to date in recruitment?

June: “I don’t measure success as any one achievement.  Success to me is having built a career utilising my personal skills and enjoying it so much that I have stuck with it for 20 years!”

Jodie: “For me, it would have to be passing my REC Certificate in Recruitment exam.”

Helen: It’s hard to choose one just one thing – I suppose making my first placement was a break through. The buzz I felt when the fee was agreed was immense. What’s great about recruitment is that I still get that same rush every time I make a placement which gives me a real sense of job satisfaction.

Katie: “Opening the London office of Chefs Jobs UK – there is still a long way to go but it’s a huge challenge and the opportunities in this market are unlimited.”

Richard: “Still being in it after 25 years!”


How would you describe your Sector & Working Environment?

Richard: I’m MD so all the sectors, I love our offices and I love the people I work with, it’s like a family.”

Jodie: “Hospitality- placing chefs (all levels) across the hospitality industry from pubs to hotels and contract catering. My working environment is very fast paced.”

Helen: The main thing I’d say in general though is fast paced, exciting and busy.

Katie: “One thing I noticed about working in the hospitality industry over any other sector I have recruited in is that everyone is really friendly and positive. The same can be said for the office working environment. You couldn’t wish for a better team of people to work with.”

June: “I work it the Hotel and Catering Sector – it is specialised and it helps enormously if you have hands on experience within the sector.  I work with a fantastic team of people servicing the needs of many clients throughout the country.  We work hard, have a great team spirit and all have the desire to do the job professionally, quickly and with the best interests of our clients at the forefront of every decision we make.”


What advice would you give to anyone who is considering a career in recruitment?

Jodie: “If you’re driven, want to earn a lot of money, love speaking to people, being on the phone, sales and giving excellent customer service then this is the career for you.”

Helen: “If you’ve got ambition, drive, energy and a thick skin then this is the job for you!”

June: “Recruitment is not for the faint hearted – you need to be organised, have the ability to follow a process from start to finish, have a sense of urgency, be in control at all times, have influencing capability, thrive in a pressure cooker environment and enjoy working to targets and deadlines.  If you are considering recruitment as a career, spend a day in a busy office to see if you would enjoy the environment.”

Katie: “You need to be prepared to work hard but the rewards you receive in return are definitely worth it.”

Richard: “Do it, it’s a really nice job and if you listen to your mentor and work hard you’ll make more money than in a normal job.”


What would you say a Career in recruitment has personally given you over the years?

Helen: “A really strong work ethic – recruitment is both a demanding and rewarding career. You will quickly learn that the effort you put in directly determines the output. If you spend the time making sure you do things right, get a real understanding for what you’re aiming to achieve and stop at nothing to get it you’ll have a long healthy career in recruitment.”

Katie: “It has taught me how to be a better sales person and increased my belief in my own ability.”

June: “20 years in Recruitment has been extremely beneficial for me both financially and personally. I have reaped the rewards of my own hard work and success as well as being a role model for new recruiters and someone they can learn from.  I am a genuine example of what other recruiters can achieve within the company”

Jodie: “Confidence, drive, ambition and the ability to make things happen.”

Richard: “Contentment”


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