Workplace Wellbeing with Lancashire Mind -

Workplace Wellbeing with Lancashire Mind

On Monday 27th February 2017, we were delighted to welcome Karen Arrowsmith from local charity, Lancashire Mind into the Cummins Mellor offices to conduct a seminar on stress, anxiety and depression in the workplace.lancs mind

As an organisation, we support workplace wellbeing – and the wellbeing of our people both physically and mentally is of paramount importance.

For too long, mental health has been brushed aside as something not to discuss or to be hidden and this is damaging not only to the individual but to organisations too!

Through the very culture of Cummins Mellor – the environment we have tried to create, the core values we commit to and the open door policy of our leadership team – we have always aimed to show our support and commitment to the wellbeing of our team.

We, therefore, decided to team up with Lancashire Mind, the county’s leading mental health charity who run seminars to help individuals and organisations deal with mental health issues.

Keen to drive awareness of mental wellbeing, we arranged for Lancashire Mind representative, Karen, to come into the offices after work on to deliver a 1-hour seminar on Stress, Anxiety and Depression in the Workplace.

This seminar helped attendees- which also included some of our talented chefs from our CJUK division – gain a better understanding of stress, anxiety and depression and be able to identify the signs and symptoms, exploring the 5 ways to wellbeing. Those who attended the session were also given access to an electronic resource pack.

Lancashire Mind conduct some fantastic work, helping people on a day to day basis who are struggling with mental wellbeing and with continued awareness and discussion we can help remove the taboo surrounding mental health and promote good mental wellbeing throughout the companies of Lancashire. 

For more information on Lancashire Mind visit their website:

27th February 2017