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1 year ago

Candidate Attraction: How to win the race for talent - Free Workshop

It all boils down to one simple statement – the people with the best people win. Every time!

Without the people, we simply cannot function and without people, we certainly cannot grow.

Lancashire is one of the largest economies in the Northern Powerhouse with 50,000 businesses generating £28 billion per year. And what is it that fuels these businesses? Talented people.

With employment rates at their highest since the 1970’s, the talent pool is becoming increasingly squeezed and we need to work harder than ever to stand out as employers of choice.

It’s imperative that we adopt a proactive rather than reactive candidate attraction strategy, which means that when we need to recruit, we have a selection of approved candidates that we can approach immediately rather than having to rely on job adverts.


Tune in to Talent – Interactive Workshops

‘Tune in to Talent’ is a series of interactive workshops delivered by Cummins Mellor, tackling a number of key recruitment challenges currently facing employers and providing valuable insight into attraction, recruitment and retention.


Our latest Tune in to Talent workshop will explore the world of talent attraction. Including how to;

– Build a winning employer brand

– Write engaging job adverts

– Save time by screening effectively

– Communicate positively with applicants


The workshops are delivered by;

Michelle Mellor
Michelle Mellor –
Managing Director of Cummins Mellor, IIP Gold Employer and elected board member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation




Helen Jackson
Helen Jackson –
Director of Cummins Mellor and Recruitment Consultant with over 8 years’ experience delivering effective candidate attraction strategies




Join us to discuss your experiences with other HR professionals and discover how to adopt a proactive candidate attraction strategy, contact Helen Jackson on 01254 239363 or email helen@groupcm.co.uk

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