Re-enforcing our commitment to our candidates safety and security during their job search

1 year ago

This week, Cummins Mellor gained acceptance to the SAFERjobs scheme, re-enforcing our commitment to ensuring a quality, and ethically driven experience for the candidates we support.

SAFERjobs is a government backed, non-profit, joint industry and law enforcement organisation designed to support job seekers, agency staff, and contractors with any suspected fraud, malpractice, breach of legislation, or poor experience they may encounter.

SAFERjobs is supported by the DWP, BEIS, Metropolitan Police, and other government and industry organisations.

Our commitment to the scheme means that we agree to:

  1. Meet the requirements of the Employment Agency legislation
  2. Perform agreed standards of agency staff compliance upfront and meet any requisite legislation ongoing relevant to the sector
  3. Only advertise jobs that do exist and the agency has permission to advertise
  4. Treat job seeker information confidentially and only share with express consent
  5. Pay job seekers promptly and correctly within openly agreed timescales and be upfront about any charges to job seekers
  6. actively support working with under-represented job seekers such as people with convictions, disabled groups, ex-military personnel, and ethnic minorities
  7. Have an agreed, transparent process in place to investigate job seeker complaints quickly and professionally
  8. Supply in writing clear and full information to the job seeker about the work assignment
  9. Have an easily accessible area of the site dedicated to offering advice of common and prevalent scams with the agreed SAFERjobs text and link
  10. Have a duty to report and share information about fraud with SAFERjobs.

If you’d like to learn more about this initiative please Visit the SAFERjobs website for information on common scams and to get free, expert advice for a safer job search.

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