What Motivates your Team?

What Motivates your Team?

The success of any business can almost always be traced back to the motivation and engagement of its employees. Hardworking, happy employees lead to triumph, productivity, profitability and staff retention.startup-849804_960_720

Motivation is the driving factor that leads people to work harder, however it can be as individual as the people who work for you. There is no secret formula, calculation or work sheet to fill in. Basically, you need to find out what drives your employees and then give it to them to enable them to be fulfilled in their job. This can be anything from money, power, environment to belonging, expertise or security.

Here at Cummins Mellor we recognise that everyone has unique qualities and motivators- what enthuses a Recruiter in our chef’s team, doesn’t always drive a DBS Advisor in our safeguarding team. As an employer, we are passionate about encouraging our employees to grow and become the best they can possibly be, striving to keep them engaged and inspired.

Here are the six core principles we believe are key to the motivation and fulfilment of our team.


Chairman Richard Mellor

The Working Environment

There is no right or wrong way to creating a productive working environment. Every Company has a different culture. It is easy to stay motivated when you feel comfortable in the workplace.

How you shape your work environment has a major effect on your team’s mentality. For us, large open offices encourage teamwork and enable our employees to continuously learn from each other, giving support and encouragement through each situation they face. Our teams decide on the colours of their offices and on the artwork they wanted displaying.

Our reception area is open and inviting, with photographs of team members on our TV showing holidays, celebrating special family events with their loved ones or just having fun at work.

We have a large staffroom with fridges, microwaves, a cooker and a large screen TV.  Pictures of our families adorn the walls, fruit is made available to everyone and we



encourage our teams to use this space to relax and get to know each other.

Lastly, we have our very own Company mascot – Charlie. A very friendly, loveable mischievous Springer Spaniel. Charlie ensures he greets everyone with a smile and patrols the offices giving encouragement and scrounging the occasional treat along the way, he even has his own twitter account – follow him here.


Social Activities


Our Rounders team

Where most people try to separate their personal and professional lives, the Cummins Mellor team like nothing more than organising social gatherings outside of work.

We have a social committee and truly believe being friendly with your team helps build bonds and a collective sense of teamwork. The whole company feels more like family working together.

Meals out, bowling, walks, the ‘Annual Company Quiz’, a summer picnic and a running club are just some examples. Everyone gets involved, from the MD through to our apprentices. How many companies can call on their Chairman to make everyone pancakes for lunch?


Our social activities are not restricted to out of work gatherings. Regular themed dress down days in support of charities, our very own ‘Bake Off’, pancake flipping competitions and birthday celebrations are normal. At the end of each week, the team gathers to celebrate their achievements, often with snacks and games.


Bring In Your Parents Day 2015

We have been active participants in the LinkedIn Initiative “Bring in Your Parents to Work” days, welcoming our extended families into our workplace to experience the

atmosphere, camaraderie and enthusiasm of our teams for themselves.

We have even let the Cummins Mellor Kids take over the office and “have a go” https://youtu.be/cH7COmRpyLk


Strong Values

The Cummins Mellor team are passionate about what they do, and how they do it! As Apple founder Steve Jobs says: 
“The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do”.

We have strong core values which run through our appointing, performance recognition and rewards schemes as well as regular employee review


Our awards

s. Every member of the team believes in these values and then aligns their own attitudes and behaviours appropriately.

We continuously reinforce our values through the company, recognising our colleagues who “go the extra mile” in demonstrating these values towards each other and in their own daily activities as our ‘Stars of the Month’, Quarter and Year.

Integrity, Positivity, Team Spirit, Going the Extra Mile and Respect are core to every Cummins Mellor person.


Lead by Example

Our Managers recognise that they set the tone, work ethic and drive the values of the company by their own attitudes and behaviour, leading by example.

By working hard, staying enthusiastic and optimistic, our teams are more likely to do the same, making the entire work atmosphere more positive and motivating.


Some of our Senior Management team

We would never expect a member of our team to do something we were not prepared to do ourselves and all we ask ourselves is ‘are the expectations we set for our employees comparable to the expectations we set for ourselves?’



We encourage an environment of transparency, where our teams can speak openly to their managers about the Company and their own roles within in. We believe this transparency builds greater trust and respect in each other.

Our “open door policy” makes everyone accessible, giving each employee a voice. Every single individual contributes to the success of Cummins Mellor, their opinions, ideas and observations are encouraged. Performance, results, good news and bad are all communicated.

All results good and bad are shared with the whole team in the monthly meeting and our monthly company newsletter, “The Cummins Mellor Yeller!”


Personal Development

The Managers at Cummins Mellor are dedicated to ensuring that our teams exceed their potential. We firmly believe that personal development is maximized for the benefit of both our employees and the Company.

Coaching and mentoring are part of the culture of the Company. Personal development goals are set regularly, the Company works with our team members to help achieve these targets. Training plans are adapted to each individual’s preferred learning style and achievements are recognised and celebrated.

Times are changing, it is our responsibility as managers to ensure every willing employee is given the opportunity to learn a new skill or enhance an existing one. Everyone has the opportunity to progress and be the best they can possibly be, with the full support of the Company.

By actively investing in the wellbeing of every individual, we are investing in our future success. You can’t cut and paste with people, everyone is unique. We encourage laughter, embrace change, promote unity, recognise strengths and respect each other always.

We want to give our employees the best reason to come to work every day – not because they have to … but because they want to!

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