Are You Working with a Great Recruiter? -

Are You Working with a Great Recruiter?

In the current market, finding the right opportunity can prove difficult for any candidate. With numerous job boards advertising countless vacancies it can be difficult to make the right career move for you.

For many candidates, when you apply for a position your CV won’t land in front of the decision maker in the first instance and many of you will find thatracey-simont you don’t get a response from your initial application.

Here’s where a recruiter can be of huge benefit to you.

Their role is to introduce talented candidates to great businesses; give you insight into the job and organisation you’re applying to and get you in front of the hiring manager.

Here are key facts that will reassure you that you’re working with a great recruiter to help you find your next career move.


1)    They care

A good recruiter listens carefully and understands your needs. They should listen and evaluate if they can help you.

If you talk with a recruiter, and after you speak with them you are clearly able to see how they can progress your career goals, they have done their job properly. The better they understand you and the more information they gather; you’re one step closer to a new opportunity.


2)    Communication

Recruitment relies heavily on effective communication, so it’s important your recruiter is good at communicating whether this is face to face, telephone or email.

Equally, your recruiter should always know what’s going on with you and if there is any change to your circumstances. If there is consistent communication, you and your recruiter will always be on the same track.

You should always have updates, even if it’s just to say there is no update. If you were looking for a job yourself you would call and follow up with your desired employer. A good recruiter should be doing the same thing on your behalf.


3)    Detail oriented

What is the recruiter’s process? If you’ve had a 5-minute conversation with them it probably isn’t going to end with your dream job.

Your recruiter should fully walk you through every step of the process. They will take the time to ascertain your past experience, key skills and career aspirations. They will always provide you with a timeline or plan for their process and they will stick to it.


4)   Inside knowledge

Most recruiters can take a half decent job order from a client; believe me, it’s not difficult.

But a great recruiter will dive deeper – they will understand why the position is open, how long their client has been in business, the culture fit, company core values, what the remuneration package is on offer, what soft skills are important to the hiring manager?

Note: If a recruiter is just reading off a job description they haven’t done their research!


In conclusion

Work with a recruiter who works with the employers you want to work with and build a relationship. A great recruiter can make all the difference to your job search. They can offer you valuable information and guide you through the recruitment process.amy-circle-for-intro

The chances are they have already established a relationship with the company that you want to work for!

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