9 Smart Habits to Stay Positive at Work -

9 Smart Habits to Stay Positive at Work

Are you getting bogged down in the daily grind of work? Or feeling de-motivated? We can all feel like this at some point but it is important to stay positive when you’re ‘on the job’.

Not all employers give you the vote of confidence or give praise where praise is due. But there are a few smart habits that can help give you the ‘get up and go’ when the alarm goes off at 6am.

Here are some tips that you may find useful:


   1.    Develop your skillsworkload

Stuck in a rut? Not sure whether the job is for you anymore? When you’re feeling deflated it’s hard to stay positive at work. See what skills you can learn and develop within the accountabilities you already have. Think about brushing up on areas where you could improve on such as your sales technique or technical software. When you’ve mastered the skill, share it! Doing so will reinforce your knowledge and you’ll feel a sense of gratification by helping others at the same time.


2.     Don’t bite off more than you can chew

If you’ve got a lot on your plate it can be over facing and you may find it difficult to prioritise tasks so don’t commit to a something unless you can deliver. If you’re overwhelmed, ask your colleagues to help – share the workload or delegate to someone who can complete the task.


3.     Stay in the loop

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re not in the loop at work. Your manager isn’t going to hold your hand. It’s your responsibility to learn the information you need to do your job. Don’t wait for your manager to come to you, take initiative. Set your own goals and objectives that will enable you to move forward.


4.    Take regular breakscoffee2

Most of us work an average of eight hours a day. Whilst you are expected to be proactive and get the job done you can’t do that nonstop. Trying to work without a break means that each task you do will get a little sloppier as you lose focus and motivation.

Ensure that you take a short break every couple of hours. Step away from your desk, get some air, by the time you come back you’ll feel refreshed and be ready to get your head straight back into work.


5.    Leave work at work

It’s important to keep a healthy work-life balance.  If you’ve done a full day’s work, go home and do more work, you’re not going to be overly enthusiastic about going back to work the following day.

If you don’t complete a task that day make it a priority for the next morning, but leave it at work. The more you put it out of your mind, the more rejuvenated you’ll feel each morning when it’s time to step back in the office.


6.     Socialise with your colleagues

When the clock strikes 5pm, you’re often more than ready to go home, but don’t let this attitude take over. If some of your team are going out for dinner or drinks, go along every now and again. This helps build a community in the workplace and you’ll feel more connected to your colleagues.


7.     Don’t beat yourself upcoffee

If you make a mistake, verbal or email, let it go. Everyone makes mistakes. What you must do is learn from what went wrong and move on. Take comfort in the fact that people won’t remember it for long, and use it to push yourself to do better next time.


8.     Reward yourself

When you finish a difficult project or a particular task, treat yourself. It’s just as important to reward yourself for your accomplishments. Ticking something off your ‘To Do’ list feels good but if you reward yourself, even with something small, you’ll be proud of yourself and want to accomplish more.

9.     Surround yourself with positive people

Stay away from colleagues who bring negative energy into your workplace. It can be difficult to avoid people if you work in close proximity, amy-circle-for-introbut try and make your interactions with them positive and keep upbeat. You never know it may rub off on them!


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