How Talented Temps Can Add Value to your Business -

How Talented Temps Can Add Value to your Business


It’s no secret that a well-maintained machine will run efficiently, deliver results and provide better output.  But what happens when an element stops working or needs replacing?

The same can be said of your human capital. When all of your departments are fully staffed and teams are driving together for their targets, the job gets done. But what happens when a member of staff leaves, is absent or on long term leave?

From my experience businesses do one of two things;

  • Employ a temporary member of staff to plug a gap
  • Utilise existing staff to cover the absence

Needless to say, the latter adds more responsibilities to a team which are likely to already be working at capacity.

Here’s how hiring temporary candidates with proven track records of adding real value to a business could be your perfect solution:

  1. A happy workforce
    Don’t over work your existing staff; yes it saves on costs to share responsibilities but don’t forget about the effect it has on your people. Most employees will gladly offer their services but with extra duties comes pressure and any stress put on employees could result in cut corners to get the work done. Remember a happy team are likely to be a productive one!
  1. Flexibility
    You may find yourself short staffed at a moment’s notice or have a particularly busy period that needs staffing short term. The clear advantage with temporary staff is the level of control you have as an employer. You’re able to expand and contract your team quickly without the need to source individuals, agree contracts or add them to your payroll.
  1. Try before you buy
    Regardless of whether you’re looking for a permanent member of staff, opportunities always rear their head at some point and you’re forced into the recruitment process. Utilising temporary candidates in your team allows you to ‘test drive’ a candidate before committing to a permanent contract.If a permanent member of staff leaves suddenly, you may need to fill the gap quickly and a temporary candidate who has been doing a great job for the last month may be the ideal fit, better still, they may prove themselves to be the one you wish to give a permanent offer. You can use a temporary to permanent option as a way of laying solid foundations and ensuring a candidate can prove themselves on the job.
  1. Compatibility & checks
    Often holiday cover and sickness can come at short notice and you may not have time for the legwork that comes with replacing a member of staff. You can rest assured when using an agency to recruit a temporary candidate, they will have been interviewed, reference checked and had all relevant information obtained for the right to work purposes.

Recruiting in Lancashire for over 25 years, we recognise and have access to the great local talent who can really make a difference to your business. If you would like some more tips and advice on how a temporary candidate can prevent you from getting stuck in the mud get in touch!hj

Helen Jackson

Director of Commercial Development
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