5 Secrets to Help Guarantee LinkedIn Success -

5 Secrets to Help Guarantee LinkedIn Success

As a recruiter part of our job is to consistently be connecting with, speaking to and unearthing great talent. One of those key platforms is LinkedIn and it’s amazing how many credible professionals don’t showcase their profiles in the correct light.

Having an effective profile is a major key to success and many are not taking full advantage of LinkedIn’s features.

As a general rule, LinkedIn is a social network built strictly for business, it’s different to social media platforms such as Twitter & Facebook; it accommodates personal and business uses.

Your profile demonstrates your behaviour and how you manage your relationships as you build your network. It’s important to know what is deemed appropriate and what is considered just bad etiquette.


#1 Show People your business sideAMY

Using a bad photo can ruin your reputation – make sure your profile picture is professional. And NO, selfies don’t count.

The image should show you in your best professional light – think about how you would present yourself at an event mingling with businesses and use an image that does the same.

#2 Tell us your story

It is easier to understand your professional background when it is in story form.

Seeing clearly how you arrive from point A – point Z; gaining skills and expertise along the way demonstrates to the potential businesses/clients that you have carefully aimed for a particular career, strategically.


#3 Detail your experiences

Be proud of where you have previously worked. Ensure that you give details of your employment history including dates and job title demonstrating your career to date

Add the details with descriptions – help paint a picture to your clients/candidates who you are, what skills and qualities you have – raising credibility.

Plain text tends to look boring and monotonous. You can really catch a person’s eye by including pictures, videos, links to articles etc. these are great for highlighting key accomplishments. If you have a blog or have published a few pieces, they would look great attached to your summary.


#4 Personalise each LinkedIn connection request you send

The default connection request message can send the wrong message to the person you are trying to form a relationship with.

They warrant a personal request!

Or they may feel you don’t have time or aren’t important enough!

Explain why they should connect with you and they are more likely to accept.


#5 Treat Recommendations like References

Recommendations are a personal reference and reflect both parties. You should only request a recommendation from people who can vouch for you.

Endorsements are another way to show someone that you notice and value their skills and knowledge about the service they provide.

Endorse skills of the people you are connected with to show others that you appreciate and admire their work. If a connection endorses you – take the opportunity to grow your relationships with a personal thank you message


These are just some useful hints and tips – I hope you find them useful. You never really understand the value of having an effective personal brand until you put in the time and see results, so why not start today?

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