Apprentice Profile - Omair Khan -

Apprentice Profile – Omair Khan

Name: Omair Khanomair
Age: 19
Joined Cummins Mellor: 26/10/2015
Studies: Finance – AAT Apprenticeship
Job title: Finance Apprentice

Omair’s Story:

The reason why I decided that an apprenticeship was the right path for me was because I found that I enjoyed learning practically as the thought of taking exams and completing assignments wasn’t something I would exceed well in. Therefore, carrying on into further education wouldn’t be the right steps for me to take. The idea of learning and putting that knowledge into practice made the decision of taking an apprenticeship a lot easier. I originally started an apprenticeship in Administration before Cummins Mellor gave me the opportunity to move into a Finance role which I had a real interest in. I am now really excited to start my career in finance within Cummins Mellor!

What I enjoy about an apprenticeship here is that it is a supportive work environment, the staff make you feel welcome and they are always on hand to help with any unanswered questions. Since starting an apprenticeship at Cummins Mellor I feel as though I am learning new aspects of the role every day as the team members are always helping me expand my knowledge.

Roles & Responsibilities:

One of my main duties is bank reconciliation – the process of matching the balances in a company’s accounting records for a cash account to the corresponding information on a bank statement. This is a big responsibility as failing to match the figures correctly or any incorrect postings can lead to false information for the company’s accounts.

As an apprentice I have gained the trust of Cummins Mellor to take on this responsibility as they believe I can carry out this procedure correctly. On a week by week basis I make sure the software is up to date by completing tasks such as:

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Credit Notes
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Journals etc.

By completing these tasks this ensures the software shows a true reflection of what is in the company’s accounts.

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