Setting Goals to Build Your Future -

Setting Goals to Build Your Future

I speak from experience when it comes to thinking about the future of your career, it  can feel easier to simply ‘hope for the best’ but have you ever sat down and asked yourself “What have I achieved this year?” “Have I moved forward?” And the one I use the most, “Where has the time gone?” productivity

Before you know it, a year has flown by and a lack of any planning or goal setting can leave you feeling uninspired.

Goal setting is a motivational method for thinking about your career, and for inspiring yourself to turn your ideal career into a reality, using your talents in the right way to better improve your future.

By setting my own personal goals I was able to identify what I wanted to do, I was able to understand what I wanted to achieve and discover the best way to go about it. It allowed me to make headway to transforming my future.

By mapping this out clearly, I could focus my efforts and set achievable, realistic goals which in turn, enabled me to develop my own plan.

A handy tip which can be used with any objective is work SMART:






Always ask yourself if you’re ticking these boxes. Your long-term goals can be a working progress but by making mini goals and thinking SMART you can achieve so much and be well on your way.


So let’s start setting those personal goals:

Firstly let’s create the ‘Vision’ of what you want to do and identify the long-term goals that you want to achieve. Write them down as this will make them feel more tangible.

Then, break these down into mini goals, these are your stepping stones to fulfilling your career ambitions. Again remember to think SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) this way you will feel the goal is much more achievable.

Now you have your plan, here are 3 quick steps to help kick start you on your journey to achieving that ultimate career goal:


  1. Developing a clear vision of your career

A career vision is the big successes you aspire to and the position you want to progress into. This should be something you can aim towards and feel motivated by. A career vision allows you to see what is possible and gives you something concrete to work towards.


  1. Writing down long-term career goals and developing short-term goals

By putting your goals into words and breaking those down you begin to start the ball rolling which ultimately will deliver your career goals. By breaking goals down into smaller manageable chunks this allows you to see your efforts taking shape.


  1. Identifying the actions that support your career goals

It is important that you identify what actions support your goals, think about strategies or plans that can be implemented to achieve these. Do you need to learn new skills?

Ensuring you have the right talents and skills needed to help take you to your desired destination is crucial. Ask yourself what activities/actions will move you toward your career goals.

Hopefully, you will now be feeling motivated and raring to go, you’re prepared with your plan and goals all that’s left is for you to get started! Good luck.

Would you like some more advice on getting clear with your career goals? Or are you looking for a role with a great local employer who can help you achieve your goals? If so, get in touch!

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