4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying For Jobs -

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying For Jobs

So you’ve been up night after night into the twilight hours. You’ve written your CV and cover letter and are trawling through the job boards looking for vacancies that you like the look of.  <Apply -Upload CV – Thank you, your application has been successful>

You have applied for so many jobs and yet have never received a response. Sound familiar? There may be something you can do to change this;


Begin by looking at the jobs you’re applying for.IMG_9107

Are you reading the job description and person specification thoroughly or are you just applying for anything that sounds like the job title may be of interest to you?  If this is the case then the chances of receiving a positive response is minimal.

The job description will give you an idea of the day to day duties: honestly how many of those does your recent role cover?

Now look at the person specification, it asks for 2 years’ experience and a proven track record; be honest with yourself, do you tick the boxes for their criteria?

If the answer to both of these questions is no, then that’s the reason why you’re not hearing back from your job applications.


So are you applying for totally the wrong jobs in relation to your experience?

Are these roles that perhaps you could seek further training and upskill so that you are matching the criteria? Or are you applying for jobs that are a million miles away from your experience?

Companies receive 100’s of applications for each role: if they cannot see an instant synergy between their requirements and what your CV tells them, then they’re unlikely to pursue your application further. 


If you are meeting the requirements, but are still not hearing back, then maybe you need to look at your CV.

Ensure that your CV is easy to read. Try to steer away from using lots of prose and bullet point your information so that things can be easily interpreted. Be factual, list your duties and skills and the systems you can use as well as demonstrating your experience.

If you meet those requirements, but they are not necessarily clear or present on your CV, change your CV, add them in and ensure that they can be found easily in the text. DO NOT be tempted to add in information that is not true in order to secure an interview. It will more than likely back fire on you and can end up with serious consequences.

Make the most of your profile. The majority of people “work well on their own or as part of a team”, are “tenacious, hardworking have attention to detail”. Be different, use your profile to tell that company what you will do for them, how they will benefit by employing you. What can you bring to them that others can’t? Grab their attention.


It may also be worth considering your social media accounts.

What does your Facebook profile say about you? Does it show a party animal, out on the town most nights, whining about your current role, is your language pretty bad? Would you employ you if you took a look at your profile? Potential employers can easily look for you, make sure that they are going to like what they see.


So, to summarise, here’s a quick checklist to ensure you start to hear positive responses from your next applications. By doing all the below you will really increase your chances of reaching interview stage. Then the real preparation begins…


  • Read the job description and specifications
  • Be sure that you have relevant experience and that this is a job for which you are qualified
  • Ensure that your experience meets the requirements and that it is visible on your CV
  • Tailor your CV to meet the expectations of the role and employer
  • Sell yourself in your profile, be different, tell the company what you will bring to the role and the difference you will make
  • Be mindful of your social media accounts

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