What ‘Candidate Care’ means to me -

What ‘Candidate Care’ means to me

When I first started at Cummins Mellor, the term “candidate care” was thrown about quite a bit in my training sessions. Apparently, it was a large part of my role, and I had to take care of all our candidates, both working and registered. But what did this mean? Surely the fact we are representing them is enough? What more is expected of us?maria circle

Eight months on, I’m receiving compliments on how I look after our candidates, how I genuinely care for them and want the best for them. What changed? How had I gone from not knowing what Candidate Care is, to being very good at it?

If there’s anything this role has taught me, it’s the following:

  1. Not Just a Number
    When we register our candidates we make a plan together, which is tailored to their individual needs and situation. This can vary from already having a role lined up for them, to writing a marketing piece for our website, and calling certain companies about them. One thing I always say to our candidates is that they are never just a name on the system to me, they are people looking for a new role, and I want to help with that wherever I can.


  1. Honesty is the Best Policy
    We’ve all been there, when you haven’t got the job you were after, and the hiring manager is avoiding your desperate pleas for feedback. It’s soul destroying after a while, if you’re doing something in your interview that is putting potential employers off, you should know about it. The consultants at Cummins Mellor pride themselves in their honesty. If you didn’t get the role because you spoke too fast, had no interest in the job, or asked the wrong questions, we will tell you! It may feel awkward at the time, but will benefit you in the long run.


  1. Keep in Touch
    Once our candidates are working with us, whether in a temporary or permanent placement, we don’t just leave them to it and think “well, they were nice, I hope they do well”. I keep in regular contact with our candidates, and have catch ups to make sure that they are enjoying their role, it’s what they expected, and that they are generally happy.


  1. Manage Expectations
    It’s extremely important that we don’t promise the world and fail to deliver, or agree to put a candidate forward for a role that just isn’t right for them. At Cummins Mellor, we ensure candidates always know what to expect from us and also what we expect of them.


  1. Candidate Care is… Just care! – An important thing to remember is candidates are people too! When dealing with candidates every day, it can seem more like a process, and less like a conversation with another human being, just think, how you would want to be treated?

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If you are a client who cares about your employees and would like to know more about our recruitment process, please call Andrea on 01254 239363 or, if you are looking for a new role and want to work for an agency that values you as an individual, please call me on 01254 239363 or email maria@cumminsmellor.co.uk

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