Temporary Contracts – Could You Be Missing The Bigger Picture? -

Temporary Contracts – Could You Be Missing The Bigger Picture?

Specialising in Temporary Recruitment within the Cummins Mellor Group, a huge part of my role involves getting to know my candidates inside-out and finding the best recruitment solution for them.

I speak with candidates every day, from all walks of life, all looking for that next step up the career ladder. When I ask the question; “Would you consider doing some temporary work”, this is generally followed by a squirm and a categorical “NO!”. The main reason for their sharp answer being a perceived lack of security.  This is of course completely understandable, but this concern may ultimately become costly as it can overshadow the benefits that temporary contracts can offer.

Quite often, redundancy and relocation is a common reason why candidates I speak with are looking for a new position. Understandably this creates uncertainty and can result in panicked and ill thought out decisions. However, in reality this could be an opportunity in disguise, as entering into a temporary contact in the interim means you can afford the time to be a little more choosey with your permanent position, ensuring you secure the right role for you with no external factors affecting your decision – just job satisfaction.

Here’s 6 reasons why temping could be a positive solution, which you may not have considered yet:

1. Updated CV

Working in a temporary contract will keep your CV current and updated, and keep your experiences fresh and relevant.

2. Income

You will receive a regular income paid weekly with your holiday pay, national insurance and pension contributions all taken care of. That’s a load off your mind!

3. Exposure

Having regular exposure to different working environments will inevitably result in you becoming more experienced, confident and well rounded. In some cases this way of working has provided an opportunity to plant seeds for a permanent job with your temporary employer a few months down the line.

4. Relationship with your Consultant

In my opinion this one counts, there is no better way to build a relationship with your Consultant. It also provides me with so much leverage to help catapult you to the front of the queue for consideration when it comes to your next temporary assignment.

5. References/Feedback

Even though references are always obtained from your two most recent roles, the first-hand feedback I am able to obtain from a current client and pass on to a potential employer puts you ahead of the rest – a luxury some candidates who haven’t worked on a temporary contract don’t have.

6. In the meantime…

Whilst all the above is happening, we can be searching for that “Dream Role” making sure you are happy, so no rash decisions and no worrying!

So when you look past the common misconceptions and actually think about it properly, temping is a viable option that could lead to a solution that relieves immediate stresses and even be the clincher that gets you that DREAM JOB in the long run.

If you have any questions about carrying out temporary contracts in East Lancashire, please contact me – 01254 239363ml

Maria Leyland
Recruitment Advisor




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