Interested in Making More Informed Hiring Decisions? Candidate Profiling Could Be For You!

2 years ago

Profiling potential and existing employees is fast becoming a standard part of the recruitment and development process of most organisations. But what is profiling?


Also referred to as psychometric testing, profiling individuals helps you to really understand their behaviours, how they could potentially integrate with your team and how well suited they are for the role you are looking to fill. Profiling potential candidates will provide the recruitment team with valuable management information based on a candidate’s subconscious knowledge about themselves. It provides a snapshot of the preferred behaviour that individual can sustain for long periods comfortably.

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Behaviour can be influenced by environment and other people – and by understanding the reasons behind behaviour changes, employers are given a great starting point to get the best out of their most expensive and valuable resource. Employers will be equipped  with the knowledge on how best to understand individuals and work to ensuring their satisfaction in their roles. It should be remembered that profile assessments are not tests and those being asked to complete them must be reassured that the outcome of an assessment will not affect the outcome of any interview process or in any way affect a current role. There are no right or wrong answers – there is no perfect profile. Rather, profiling provides an indication of natural behaviours and attitudes.


As part of a recruitment process or as a management and personal development guidance document, profiles can give a better understanding of work personality, likely strengths and weaknesses, an indication of learning styles and attitudes and how well an individual may respond when placed under pressure. Different profiling tools can also give a good indication of sales desire and whether an individual has an aptitude for working in a sales role, how well they would respond to training in a sales environment, how likely they would be able to empathise with clients and succeed in a sales and negotiation role. Some tools can also indicate how much an individual understands the sales process – thereby identifying if sales training would be required.


Regardless of the tools used to carry out your profiling assessments, the reports should always be treated as highly confidential. It is important that those interpreting the reports have received comprehensive training on how to read them and how to relay the contents back to individuals. They need to know how to use the contents of a report to really “get under the skin” of an individual and know that they are the best possible person for a new role, or that everything is being done to help an existing employee to maximise on the opportunities open to them.bow-tie-businessman-fashion-man-large

For an individual, completing a profiling assessment should be seen as a positive exercise. The report will give a good indication of the type of job role they would be most suited for and the particular environments they would naturally be comfortable in. It gives the individual a better self-understanding, can identify a career that would give them the greatest satisfaction and highlight their strengths to promote and weaknesses for which they can learn techniques to overcome. These are traits that the individual may never have really understood.


The Cummins Mellor Group work hard to build strong, high performing teams. We utilise profiling so that we can understand each individuals’ different working styles, preferences, personalities and tolerances. It is important to us that when we add a new team member, they will be able to integrate well and take ownership of their role immediately. Not only will this help them to settle in right from the start, but the team will feel their contribution and adjust to the changes quickly and enthusiastically.

If you would like more information about psychometric profiling click here, or give us a call on 01254 239363 and speak to a member of the team!


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