Apprenticeship Numbers Will Continue to Grow With Government Support

Apprenticeship Numbers Will Continue to Grow With Government Support

Recent figures released show more young people across the UK are now opting to kick start their career with an apprenticeship._80782293_students

The latest figures from the Skills Funding Agency show that there has been 153,100 new apprenticeships started in the first quarter of 2015/2016 with each region seeing at least 11,000 apprenticeships started.

There has also been an increase in young people benefiting from Traineeships which helps prepare for an apprenticeship or job by providing the necessary skills and experience.

The government have promised to support to effort to reach 3m apprenticeships over the next five years and stated that there needs to be an average of 600,000 apprenticeships starting every year or 150,000 per quarter.

The 153,100 new apprenticeships so far this year is a 4% increase on last year’s statistics. The biggest increase was seen in intermediate level apprenticeships for those aged 19 and under over which saw 3,000 more starts.

“Young people today have more doors open to them than ever before. Today’s figures show that savvy young people see apprenticeships as a fast-track to a successful career. Apprenticeships are real jobs that combine studying with hands on experience in the workplace,” commented Skills Minister Nick Boles.

He also added: “Apprenticeships and traineeships are creating the highly skilled and productive workforce that is supporting our country’s economic growth. We are on the right track to delivering 3 million apprenticeships by 2020”.

The increase in apprenticeships could be due to the focus on raising apprenticeship standards. This has been done by introducing a minimum duration of an apprenticeship and improving the quality of the delivery.

This has also meant that some learners take longer to finish their apprenticeship, however, this has not prevented the number of young people commencing apprenticeships from increasing.entrepreneur-593362_640

To contrast this, intermediate level apprenticeships for those aged 19-24 saw a dip in numbers, decreasing by five percent. However this should not affect the overall goal of 600,000 apprenticeships being starting each year.

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