5 Things That May Make Your New Recruit Head For the Door

5 Things That May Make Your New Recruit Head For the Door

Hiring the right person is hard, we should know! And although it may seem like once the right person has been recruited you can put your feet up, that is certainly not the case.shutterstock_124546969

A recent report revealed 41% of new recruits decided if the role was for them or not within the first five days of starting, so the clock’s ticking!

The report was taken from a survey of over 4,000 UK employees and also explored the types of things that make a new employee feel unwelcome and possibly regret their new career.

There survey highlighted a number of reasons why a candidate may regret accepting a job offer, some of those include:

  1. Unfriendly/Unwelcoming Colleagues
    Joining a new team where you don’t know anyone can be intimidating enough but to then discover your team are unwelcoming or unfriendly can make the whole experience a lot worse.
    A massive 51% of employees said that an unfriendly team would be the reason for their swift departure!
  1. No sign of progression
    42% of employees say being stuck in a role without the hope of progression would push them to leaving a job.
    Offering your staff a progression plan or training keeps morale and motivation in the team high.

  2. Being underpaid
    High money doesn’t guarantee your staff will be happy, but staff who feel underpaid will be more likely to job hop to a higher paid role.
    18% of employees said they would leave a role if they felt they weren’t being paid enough. If you have a good employee you don’t want to lose, it may be worth introducing a regular salary review or incentives.
  1. Negative Colleagues
    11% of new recruits say that unhappy colleagues who openly share their negative views would be the reason to head for the door.
    Hearing that their fellow colleagues are unhappy in the workplace can have a massive impact on new recruits. Organising a positive meeting with the team beforehand may help boost morale and ensure the new candidate is welcomed with open arms.
  1. Greener grass
    Did you know over half of new employees continue to seek new roles for up to a month after starting a new role? So although those first 5 days are crucial, the hard work doesn’t stop there!

It may seem like there’s a lot to be done but it will be worth it when your new recruit is fully settled in and confident they made the right choice!

So make sure you’re prepared for those first 5 days of judgement. If your staff feel valued and appreciated in the workplace they more than likely will make sure new team members are welcomed and feel like an asset to your business too!

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