Our Top HR Tips

2 years ago

“If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple”. 68362cfd16add71f_shutterstock_151603850.jpg.xxxlarge_2x

Well said Mr Branson!

Human Resources – Personnel – Employee Engagement; whatever you want to call it – taking care of your staff is the most important thing for preserving a successful business.

Whether it be offering support, recruiting and retaining employees, instigating training or maintaining the welfare of employees, we firmly believe that the role of HR provides the linchpin to delivering a happy and empowered workforce.  

Every organisation has their own approach to HR, but working in a small, family focused organisation gives the opportunity to model our processes from a very “people focused” perspective with the wellbeing of the team always at the heart of any decision.

Tracey Beveridge, our Head of HR explains… “My role is most definitely seen as employee engagement – by working closely with our Senior Managers, HR at Cummins Mellor is a way of creating the right conditions for all members of our organisation to give their best each day, remain committed to our goals and values, ensures we are motivated to contribute to our success and maintains an enhanced sense of everyone’s well-being

Our Top Tips are:

Recruit for attitude – Train for skills: Getting the right person to join the team in the first place is so important. Bringing in someone who does not fit well will not only upset the dynamics of the team, but could be costly in the long run. It is really worth putting the extra effort into the recruitment and selection process; try value based interviewing questions to tease out more of their personality in interview.

Inductions: Correctly bringing someone into the business, gaining their full buy-in from day 1, giving them a chance to find their feet and quickly getting to know the team makes the start of their journey a positive experience. Having a plan that involves the team will demonstrate your commitment to the new employee, and your consideration to the team members who will be working alongside them. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression – plan thoroughly for your new starters’ arrival.

Work as a team: Give everyone a voice and listen to that voice. Employees are happier and more fulfilled when they feel engaged and that they really are contributing to the success of their team. Hold regular team meetings to review performance, talk about your team and company vision and reflect on your success. As we put it – “teamwork makes the dream work”workspace-766045_640

Please and Thank You: Such simple words but these can make all the difference. Not all rewards are monetary – sometimes going back to basics is all that is needed! Give recognition where it is due.

Communicate: Be clear and do not leave room for misunderstanding. It’s not always about what you say, it’s about how you say it. Be open to questions and check that everyone is understanding the conversation in the same way! It’s important to consider the individual personalities that you’re dealing with to ensure that communication is delivered appropriately and avoids being misconstrued.

Be organised: Don’t try to remember everything. This simply isn’t possible. But that’s not to say that it shouldn’t look like you have an amazing memory! Remembering a birthday or a service anniversary shows your team you care and that they are important!

Document everything: Follow up conversations in writing confirming what was discussed, and keep these written communications safe. These will not only ensure everyone has understood what you’ve asked of them, but they will be your “checklist” to monitor the progress of your team.

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