True or False: Recruitment Apprenticeship Myths

True or False: Recruitment Apprenticeship Myths

There are a lot of myths surrounding recruitment apprenticeships which can be off putting for a lot of young people considering applying. An apprenticeship is a great way to get into an industry of your choice as not only does it provide you with great experience it also gives you the qualifications you need to progress further in that field.

If university isn’t for you – (like many famous faces you will find in our infographic), and you’re considering an apprenticeship, recruitment is a great industry to be in, here we assess the myths you might be faced with and debunk them once and for all!

Meet our myth-busters:

helenHelen: Having worked in recruitment for nearly 6 years, Helen knows exactly what a job in recruitment entails and being Head of Recruitment for Cummins Mellor can explain exactly what to expect from an Apprenticeship at Cummins Mellor.




Sammy: Started at Cummins Mellor as an Apprentice after college and has worked her way up to be Head of Marketing. She also helps our new apprentices settle in into the Cummins Mellor family!


Ryan: At 17, Ryan decided university wasn’t for him and started an Apprenticeships and his career at Cummins Mellor instead. Ryan is now our Business Development Manager and a strong ambassador for why Apprenticeships can work for you!


Here are the top 4 Recruitment Apprenticeship myths identified by the REC

1.) I’ll just be making coffees all day

Most people think apprentices will be treated as the office dogsbody and made to do all the unwanted jobs! This is not true, apprentices are there to gain a real insight in to the industry and unless you’re in the coffee industry this isn’t what your job will entail!

Sammy: As soon as I started working with the business I was given duties and responsibilities which were key to the running of the department – yes I made the odd brew, (all be it badly!) but no more or less than I do now 5 years on!

Helen: There’s no time around here to just be making coffee! It’s important that we get new team members in the swing of things as soon as possible – we want to develop individual’s skills from day 1 – making coffee is not one of them!

Ryan: At Cummins Mellor Recruitment, Apprentices are not treated as cheap labour. When I joined the business, I was immediately given responsibilities and encouraged to push myself out of my comfort-zone. I received training, advice and guidance to give me all the skills I needed to push on.


2.) Recruitment is a dying industry

As the majority of companies now use job websites and social media to recruit new members of the team it may seem like recruitment is dying out, but the truth is, the recruitment industry is worth more than 28 billion and is expected to keep on growing in the coming years. At Cummins Mellor we are continually recruiting for our growing team in this very much alive industry!

Sammy: Since joining Cummins Mellor Recruitment in 2010, I’d say the recruitment industry is definitely growing! With the economy on the rise, so is recruitment! It’s an exciting industry which moves very quickly, I guarantee you won’t be bored!

Helen: Quite the opposite. People need skilled, brilliant people to drive their businesses forward – that’s never going to change. It’s our job to ensure that we’re there to provide the support and guidance to clients to help them make the very best recruitment decisions. Now, more than ever, local businesses need our direction and assistance.

Ryan: There will always be a requirement for good recruiters. There have never been more ways to recruit brilliant candidates with advancements in social media and job boards. However, at CMR we utilise all platforms to find the best candidates we can for our clients.


3.) The pay will be very low

It may be true that apprentices get paid less than full time colleagues but a recent study revealed that the majority of recruiters are happy with their current salaries and the average recruiter earned themselves a 4.7% pay rise last year.

Sammy: I started working whilst most of my friends went to university – I started earning straight away and have worked my way up to Head of Marketing here at Cummins Mellor. Luckily I didn’t have the worry of finding work or going up against hundreds of other applicants after leaving university – and I’ve also got a few years more work experience under my belt!

Helen: You’re paid to your experience and for your progression. Everyone is set very clear progression plans here at Cummins Mellor – the company’s aim is to develop each individual to lead them to their career goals and aspirations. One of our company mission statements is “Be the best you can be every day and live the best life you can all the time”.

Ryan: When I joined CMR as an apprentice the starting salary didn’t bother me at all! I wouldn’t have been paid a penny if I’d gone to college and I was essentially getting paid to get a qualification and work experience. As I developed, my salary increased regularly in line with my skills!


4.) It’s not as good as a course

Recruitment has lots of great opportunities and can offer a range of qualifications such as the Certificate in Recruitment Resourcing which is very popular and is seen as the standard for recruitment practice in the UK. Some of the higher qualifications can go on to be equivalent to a university degree, so don’t feel like you’remissing out! All Cummins Mellor recruiters have undertaken their Certificate in Recruitment Practice and passed with flying colours!

Sammy: Having completed NVQ’s, A levels and currently undertaking a professional diploma in marketing, I have found that on the job training as been far more useful for me. In work I am also completing a huge CRM project for the company with the help of a business coach which has been funded by the business – not sure that I could get the same experience from a course!

Helen: The best thing about working here is that you earn whilst you learn. The company are always offering training and development opportunities including internal courses, NVQ’s and Degrees. They want each individual to develop and grow whilst working at Cummins Mellor; on the job training is essential to that!

Ryan: College courses are more suited to some professions than others. If I had wanted to become a Doctor, then a college course would have been a necessity! However, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so a college course just didn’t make sense to me. The beauty of an apprenticeship is it allowed me to turn my hand to various different things like administration, accounts, customer service and sales. By sampling different jobs, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and identify clear career aspirations.

As you have heard from our myth busters, not everything you see or read is the truth and an apprenticeship in Recruitment may be the perfect ingredient to start a long and successful career in a fantastic industry.

If you would like more information on an apprenticeship with Cummins Mellor, don’t hesitate to give us a call! 01254 239363.

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