Why Identifying Core Values Was the Best Thing We Ever Did

Why Identifying Core Values Was the Best Thing We Ever Did


Tracey Beveridge – Head of HR & Business Administration

It’s a simple truth that passion is all about caring, caring for what you do and how it contributes to the end goal.

We always talked about being a true ‘Cummins Mellor Person’ and our employees had an idea of what this meant; hardworking, positive, professional and vibrant, but there was never anything official in writing for our staff to refer to.

In 2014, we went for it, consulted with our employees, and wrote down the attributes of a true ‘Cummins Mellor Person’ for all to see. Someone who already possesses these desired attributes and demonstrates our company values through their behaviours and attitudes.

Displaying and promoting high standards of ethical conduct, absolute confidentiality and professionalism. These individuals protect the interests of the company and their colleagues at all times.

Positive people project positive energy, do not criticize their managers, colleagues or the direction of the company. They’re simply motivators – someone everyone wants to be around.

Real team players show their managers and colleagues that they have their best interests at heart, offering to help out whenever needed.

These employees acknowledge co-workers and managers efforts, recognising the humanity, worth and significance of others.

Going the Extra Mile 
These people take on added challenges, put in extra hours and NEVER use the phrase “that’s not in my job description”.

We recruit, reward, recognise and review our people on these core principles based around our business. It is important to find the very best fit for behaviour not always for core skill. Creating the right culture is massively important, and the right attitude will embrace this.

The Cummins Mellor Group is a family business and there’s no denying that everyone here is passionate. By constantly reinforcing and reminding everyone about our core values, the great work we do and why we do it – our clients win, our candidates win and so do we!

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