My Favourite Thing About Working For Cummins Mellor

My Favourite Thing About Working For Cummins Mellor


We asked our amazing team what it was they loved the most about working here at Cummins Mellor and here are their answers:

Alex: The social events we have, I love everything from the summer BBQ to our Friday Frolics every week!

Alice: The people! We only employ people who fit into our culture and understand our family values – I love working with such lovely, positive people


  1. The People
  2. I love the autonomy and flexibility of what I do which gives me great job satisfaction.
  3. The Culture – the camaraderie that we have with each other – being responsible for my own work whilst being part of something larger; that makes a difference.
  4. I love that my job challenges me every day in different ways

Andrew: Location, variety, social events, awesome colleagues, great management

Anya: The great people!

Helen: The people that work here! Nothing beats a ‘Cummins Mellor person’

Jodie: Working for a family business with approachable employers who work in the office

Having a great staff room/kitchen to relax in and cook lunch

June: My favourite thing about working for Cummins Mellor is being able to work with a motivated team of people and applying myself to a job that suits my skills.

Katie: The people are all so fun and positive and lovely to work with

Laura: The thing I like most about Cummins Mellor is the positivity and encouragement from other team members and managers. They are always looking for ways to improve and grow the business and help us as individuals achieve our true potential.  

Louise: The openness of the company and the fact you can have a random conversation with Richard or Michelle about ANYTHING – the relationship isn’t like in other companies whereby the director doesn’t even know your name.

Natasha: The friendly atmosphere around you

Ria: My Favourite thing is the Employers. And that it has a Family feel to the company.

Richard: I love the positivity, the open mindedness and the seam of fun that runs through the business.

Ryan: My favourite thing about CMR is the opportunity for career progression. There is no such thing as a dead end job at CMR and every employee has the opportunity to work their way up the ladder.

Sammy: There’s always something fun going on – no two days are ever the same!

Stacie: My fave thing about Cummins Mellor is the people – everyone is so different yet we gel together really well as a team!

Susannah: The people – we are like a big family.

We all care about each other, genuinely get on with one another and are one big team!

Tracey: I love the relaxed working environment. Everyone works hard, but we laugh and all get along so well together. There is none of that “Corporate Stuffiness” here!

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