10 Things To Consider When Choosing a Recruitment Business

3 years ago

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Choosing the right recruitment business for you can be tricky decision. There are so many recruitment consultancies out there of different sizes, specialising in different sectors, old and new. Once you have a relationship with a good consultant it can revolutionise the way you recruit. Here are 10 tips for finding the best recruiter for your business.


1. Are they members of the REC? – The professional body that polices our industry, they encourage best practice and insist their members follow a strict ‘code of practice.’


2. What is their interview and selection methodology? – Ask to see their interview notes and references for the candidate. A good agency should always meet their permanent candidates (geography permitting) and have a strict vetting and selection process for their temporary candidates.


3. Did they take a comprehensive job order? You should be on the phone to your consultant for at least half an hour when you give them the initial job spec. Anything less than that and they don’t know enough about the role, your company and the team.


4. Have their temps worked for the agency before? – Always ask for references and recommendations from their previous place of work. A good agency will have these on file and can send them over to you straight away.


5. Who are their clients? – You can tell a lot from these names. Speak to them and find out what they really think of the consultant.


6. Once you’ve chosen someone, do they keep up the communication? Good consultants are continually touching their clients. They are obsessed with your satisfaction and are continually looking to improve your experience.


7. How much do they charge? Be wary of recruitment consultants who are happy to drop their fees. They will put less work and effort into finding you the right person. Remember – you get what you pay for!


8. Finding a good consultant is like striking gold. Ask for referrals from business people you know who work in your sector. Look at their LinkedIn profile and be wary of consultants who have moved around a lot. Someone who has been with the same company a long time will always be excellent at their job.


9. How successful is the agency? Do a credit check. Is there a reason for their minimal profits or losses? If they are doing well, it’s because they are doing a great job for their clients.


10. Look at their social media platform. You’ll learn a lot about how much they really care and how they treat their candidates and staff.


Once you’ve found a good Recruitment Consultancy, you won’t stray far from the path and if they can’t fill your booking, they’ll tell you early on. They won’t mess you about, they want you to be happy.

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