Everybody's Second Favourite Team -

Everybody’s Second Favourite Team

stanley_.We thought Lancashire Week was a great time to feature one of the world’s best known football clubs which is just down the road from our Head Office.

Nope, not Blackburn Rovers or Burnley – we’re talking about Accrington Stanley. All together now……
‘Who are they?’

It does grow tiresome after the 5th or 6th time you hear the joke but you can’t deny we have a very recognisable local team, which helps awkward conversations with bar owners abroad get off to a flying start!

It’s true, wherever you go in the world everyone’s heard of ‘the club that wouldn’t die’ and the saying certainly represents the attitude of the people of Lancashire – honest, hardworking folk who simply do not give up.

Everybody likes to see Accrington Stanley doing well in the league even if they’re not from Lancashire. It’s a team with a great history, a fantastic story and an even better brand.

It’s no secret that the club are having a difficult time financially, as are many other lower league clubs in the midst of larger towns.

As a result, the club have introduced some great initiatives to attract Corporate Business and more fans on match days; so come on, join in and help!

Flexi Tickets
Have been designed for supporters who may not be able to attend all home league games in a season. Instead, you can purchase ten tickets to league games of your choice, allowing you to choose the games which are most convenient for you.

Adult flexi tickets are priced at just £150, which works out at £15 a game and represents a saving on this year’s admission prices of £20 per ticket.

Flexi tickets are a great to give to your members of staff as a reward scheme and they can take a friend or family member with them, or you can take your team with you.


Corporate Packages
For just £30 per person, you and 9 other colleagues, friends or business associates can enjoy a pie, pint and the game in the hospitality suite at Stanley.


Ask not what Accrington Stanley can do for you, but what you can do for Accrington Stanley
(apologies to JFK)

It’s a vibrant club with passionate fans and a great place to have a family day out.

As a local Lancashire business, we’re getting behind Stanley and doing what we can to support the club and we hope after reading this, you will do too.

If you would like to get involved with Accrington Stanley and support your local team contact the club on 01254 356950.

Visit – www.accringtonstanley.co.uk

Follow – @ASFCofficial


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