What do today’s most satisfied employees demand?

What do today’s most satisfied employees demand?

As a leader within a business, it’s really important to keep up with changes in employee expectations and plan your investments accordingly.BvY7C7DIgAEyt4V

Today’s employees have new needs and areas of importance. Their development path is no longer just monetary focused. They want career development, opportunities to prove themselves, non-monetary offerings and goal alignment.

Below are a few tips on how to meet your employee’s demands:


  1. Place importance on non-monetary motivators – things such as career growth and professional inter-office relationships are important motivators. Employees feel more engaged and are more satisfied with their jobs if they have a good relationship with their manager;


  1. Let employees do what they do best – everyone wants to feel that their strengths are appreciated, no matter their role or level. Training and development should become a big part of your investment plan. No one wants to feel like they’ve been forgotten about, so giving them the tools and opportunities to help them develop their specialities will be a big motivating factor for them;


  1. Align employee goals – employees want to have a good understanding of their personal goals, but also those of their colleagues. They will naturally learn from the team they work closely with, and leaders need to respect this. Communicating clearly on how each role fits into the business will again help motivate employees to work harder and help their colleagues along too, knowing how what they’re doing plays into the bigger picture;


  1. Let opportune learning happen – most learning (nearly 70%) happens informally while on the job. This could be from observing colleagues, trying out different resources, or by trail and error. Businesses should encourage this type of development, making schedules less rigid and allowing employee’s time to learn on their own.


Moving your team forward

Be quick to recognise and acknowledge the contribution each member of your team makes towards the success of the business – not just from a sales and monetary point of view. Place strong emphasis on Core Values i.e. Going the Extra Mile, Integrity, Positivity, Respect and Team – and recognise employees who display these in their working day. Encourage everyone to be an individual – to use their initiative, and not be afraid to try something new! This will help to ensure your team has a strong bond and will thrive in a relaxed, atmosphere.

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