The Cummins Mellor Group Bake Off -

The Cummins Mellor Group Bake Off

As you’ve all probably gathered by now we are a very competitive lot in this office! We love a good competition and what better way for a bit of fun than doing our very own Cummins Mellor Group Bake Off.

8959_10100960321754913_5407777521541615773_nThis Friday, 24th October all the members of the Cummins Mellor Group will be donning their chef’s hats and aprons to bake their very own show stopper!

With a few baking enthusiasts in the office (cough, cough Helen!) It is all bound to get very intense when it comes down to the judging of the competition. This may come as a surprise, but we had a few people claim they will get partners to bake or even buy a pre-made packet cake. But I’m sure our judges Terry and June Crossley will certainly know the difference although tasting 14/15 cakes me be a bit of a challenge.

June, a keen cake lover, stated “I am going to be a very strict judge and if I think that someone has made a packet cake they will be going to last place!” On the other hand June did mention that she may be easily swayed if someone was to hand her a bottle of gin.

Here is a quick sneak Peek of a few things being baked:

  • Orange Cream Gateaux
  • Chocolate and Banana Loaf
  • Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars
  • Parkin
  • Blueberry Crumble Cake

To follow the whole Cummins Mellor Group Bake Off updates, please follow us on twitter @Cumminsmellor or via Facebook here.

Over to you…

What would you like to see being baked?

Who do you think will win?

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