Do You Do Enough To Understand Your Millennial Workforce?

Do You Do Enough To Understand & Retain Your Millennial Workforce?

The millennial workforce (those born after the mid-1980s) want to work for businesses that promote development, they want to feel that they are making a positive contribution to society.

The majority of them want to prove that the image of today’s 20 year olds as being a generation of self-centred individuals who can’t take direction is grossly incorrect. They are a hugely talented generation who are essential to any business who wants to succeed in the future alongside other millennial businesses.

Cummins Mellor actively promote the recruitment and development of the millennial generation, and we lead by example. Many of our key team members are from this generation and work alongside our other team members, gaining experience but also helping to drive current technologies and methods through the business.

Below are some of our tips on attracting and retaining this young talent;


  1. Train them: most millennials expect training from their employer, and it’s the most cost-effective way to improve the skills within your workforce


  1. Keep them interested: They want stimulation, challenges and targets to aim for.


  1. Give feedback: give instant information, let them know how well they are doing and areas for improvement


  1. Pay well: money may not be on their stated list of priorities, those who are living on their own have higher monthly costs.


  1. Be flexible: Let them make their own choices about how they work. They want to judged on what they deliver, not how long they spend in the office.


At Cummins Mellor we have proved that all generations work well together. Our business is growing rapidly, and everyone is enthusiastic to “move with the times” together.

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