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My Big Day

richard and jack

With my son Jack in my first office (spare bedroom!)

I started this business to pay the gas bill. The first 3 years were torture. We looked at downsizing our house when the mortgage rate doubled our payments.

I like a drink, but could not afford it, so I started to make wine – it was disgusting, but I drank it anyway. We ate out once a month at Checco’s Great Harwood, 2 pizzas and ½ a litre carafe of crap wine for £14. The babysitter cost more than the meal.

If we went to see my Mum and Dad in Droitwich, the petrol cost £10, I resented it and didn’t go much.

We could not afford any childcare so we worked around it and looked after the children ourselves fitting in work where we could.

Client visits happened at night, Michelle got a job as a waitress, I rang applicants in the evenings to interview them. We didn’t moan, we just got on with it and we were ok.

richard convention

I was a regular at Conventions in the early days

In the early days when I was a Catering Manager, I used to go to the bank during the day with all the cash and I was always surprised at how many people were out and about.

The roads were busy, the shops full. Who were all these people who did not have to be at work? I remember going to my parked car outside a factory in Reddish once and looking into the front room of a terrace, 3 or 4 people of working age were watching snooker, how was this possible, how could they afford to do that?


I do enjoy work, things seem much simpler when I’m there – talking through a problem or taking a big risk. But equally I know there is something else, I don’t have to work forever.

I announced a few years ago that I would be retired by the age of 60. I’m 57 at the moment. Today is a big day for me. I’ve not gone into the office today. I’m sitting at home writing this. Admittedly I’ve been on the phone all morning and replied to dozens of emails, but I’ve now switched everything off for a minute to write.

richards home office

The amazing view from my office at home

Michelle is in charge today. Katie, our daughter is there too, plus all my lovely team of leaders who all know what to do. I’ve been building to this day for ages, but I’m back tomorrow and off the next day.

I’m going to go to work at the office 3 days a week and work from home the other 2.

It’s not really important in life’s rich tapestry.

But it’s a big day for me, I’ve earned it.


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