5 Things to Consider When Writing a Job Advert -

5 Things to Consider When Writing a Job Advert

When it comes to creating an effective job advertisement it’s easy to get yourself tangled in a web of adjectives and ‘buzz words’. Having a clear template, which can be easily followed, will ensure you stick to the task in hand and create a straight forward advert that’s easy on the eye and that encourages people to apply.

Consider these 5 points next time you come to writing a job advert for your next vacancy.

Job title
Make sure the job title suitably matches the role you’re recruiting for. It sounds incredibly simple but you’d be surprised at the amount of ‘Administration Assistant’ job adverts we see which, when you read deeper into are actually looking for an ‘Accounts Assistant’.

Keeping the job title clear and to the point will reduce the amount of unsuitable applicants applying for your vacancy.

Also, make sure the salary is clearly visible to attract the right calibre of candidate, it’s surprising the amount of potential applicants who will be put off from applying if they have no idea what the salary is.


Sell Your Company
With the UK now officially out of the recession, potential applicants will be looking at numerous vacancies to ensure they pick the right company for them. Selling your company’s strengths could make all the difference in applicants choosing you over other employers.

Be sure to mention any awards or accolades your company has as well as any benefits (large or small) i.e. pension scheme, company cars, free parking, childcare.


Describe the role
Give the applicant enough information so they’re clear on what the role is but keep it concise. You don’t want to over face potential applicants. 4/5 bullet points should do the trick.


Person Specification
Here’s your chance to let potential applicants know what you’re looking for. Specific experience carrying out certain tasks, skills, any qualifications required and personal attributes. Be careful not to use any terms which could be used as discriminative i.e. ‘young’ or ‘mature’.


How to apply
Be specific when letting potential applicants know how to apply. Do they need to provide a covering letter? If so, are you looking for them to cover any specific points in it? It’s also important to manage response times, make it clear that you may not be able to get back to all applicants if you’re expecting a high volume of applications through.

If you follow these 5 simple pointers, you’ll be sure to recognise the improvement in both the volume of applications and the quality of candidates who apply for your role.


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